Munnabhai chale Uttar Pradesh

January 17, 2009 2 Comments

Some little birdie’s are chirping about this new sequel of Munnabhai. The Real life one baba…

Seems sanju baba will be the samajwadi candidate from Lucknow in the next Lok Sabha election.

Well why not, if chee chee Govinda can, anyone can [at least munnabhai's last many movies entertained as well]

Irony has it, baba in his most famous film has paid homage to Mahatma Gandhi, only to join a party led by Amar singh and Mul-a-yam Sing-h Yadav. Is certain Mrs. Sonia Gandhi listening? Mr. Sunil Dutt was a handsome MP though and wonder if his legacy does justice. Takers anyone? Ms Priya Dutt??

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  1. Anonymous29 January

    Hee hee...I do remember one of ur secret desire was to enter politics and do the laundry wash...wonder where' that ekta lost.


  2. And came back too....lolz


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