Marriage- Why this Kolaveri Di?

They say marriages are made in heaven but i say, its 
Mad on earth! 

There's so much madness in this never ending debate of 
Love marriages 
Arranged marriages

Enough its a time to sing a song...the soup song...the chicken soup song for the soul of all Kolaveri lovers...

So when sally weds harry, why this Kolaveri di?

Yo Public!
I am sing song
(marriage bells ringing-ding dong)

It’s a Marriage Song…

Wedlock song

Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di..
Over Arranged marriage and Love marriage
Why this Kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di

Aa parents arrange marriage for munni- chunnu
Good looking, smart, long height -u
Family background income all might -u
newspaper, punditji and matrimonial site
Screening the girl from left and right

Girl serve snacks n tea
Mamma like samosa with aloo
Horoscope, engagement, Dowry, function,
Band baja baraat, all drink and tight u
Haan why this kolaveri in arranged marriage di

Boy meet girl u girl u
Girl lose heart to boy u boy u
Eyes u meet, heart skip a beat u
Together future plan they two
Now this kolaveri kolaveri di…
Mamma not ready, shows disapproval
Appa wants to see other girl
"lover lover, v r lover
so why can't we marry"
Pa pa pa ppan pa papa ppan
Lots of arguments, lots of dishoom dishoom
Super mamma ready-

One two three four…
Ja simran jee le apni zindagi
Parents say hun ha hun, our choice was better
Raj marry Simran and lives happily thereafter

Why this kolaveri over love marriage di

Ok mama, now tune change u
boy n girl goes for honeymoon u…ha…hun…

Post marriage same family drama
couple says aiyooo rama
love or arrange-u, everyone cries

vows faints, romance flies
Boy office overtime u, Sunday cricket match view
Hand glass-u; Only English daaru
Glass la scotch u
Girl watch hindi serial all saas bahu 
Eyes u full aa tear u
Empty life-u
Life u reverse gear u
aa..Lovv u lovv u, oh my lovv u
where did u disappear all my lovv u
cow u cow, holi cow u
gone where all marriage vow u
return my dowry, return my freedom
marriage is such a burden
love u love u why u dying now-u

this-u song for girls boys u
who is waiting to take a bow u
we don’t have choice-u have one now

Why this kolaveri- kolaveri on marriage di
Love marriage or arranged marriage... Why this kolaveri di

Love or arrange, u marry u marry u
husband wife do ilu ilu
Why this Kolaveri di?

When Harry weds Sally, why this Kolaveri di?
When Sally weds Garry, why this Kolaveri di?
When Harry weds Garry, why this......
oops....track change!
kolaveri Kolaveri di!!!

PS: The Kolaveri di song is such a rage, you can click here for the original lyrics
Kolaveri= Killling rage

This post is freshly written for Sony & Indiblogger Contest:- Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage.
This new TV show Love Marriage ya Arranged marriage explores the debate between love marriages and arranged marriages. Marriage is an everyday partnership, where sometimes you need to arrange the love and at other times you have to love the arrangement. It looks at this concept through the story of two best friends who are polar opposites in their attitudes and belief, but have the same passion and commitment towards their relationships and a happy marriage. Catch the first episode on August 6th at 8:30 PM.
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  2. Your Blog would not allow me to delete my comment. So, here is the revised one.

    Your words good-u good-u
    Your writing stylu good-u good-u
    Why this kolaveri kolaveri di?
    Why this debaytu debaytu di?

    Lovvu marriagu arraynju marriagu
    Old old topic-u
    Now-u now-u worry worry
    Talku talku writetu writetu

    Boyu marry boyu or girlu
    Girlu marry girlu or boyu

    1. Thank u- thank-u
      u u buddy u
      like my post u
      i am glad u do :)

      Said na said na
      I did said na
      harry garry n sally story na
      romba problem garry harry marry kyu?

    2. You are super. I got to hand it to you.

  3. Anonymous31 August

    ha ha ha u !
    rocking u ! :P

    1. Thank u thank u
      come again, keep coming u

  4. Aha-U! U did very well-U on this post-U :)

    Next time, try with the letter 'I'

    I-I Hippie Hippie I-I

    1. Sure ..that u- will do...sure u..welcome u :)

  5. Anonymous31 August

    haahahha ...... damn it was reallly reallllyyy funny and a fresh post ....superb ....... and you knowww i read your whole poem with the tune :P :P hahahha still can't stop laughing ......lovelyyyyy and refreshing one dear .....good luck :D :D

    1. Thank
      So much-aaa..vinishaa-aaa

      You r wonderful-aaa tooo
      I wrote this while hmming the tune and soooo gald that u like u :)

  6. Who Posted This?31 August

    Always pick love marriage over arranged marriage.
    Especially if it’s to the daughter of a SuperStar.
    Doesn’t matter if she is older than you...a move like that can do wonders for your career.
    It can even turn a horribawful song into a HIT!
    "Horribawful" is a new word I made up (Horrible + Awful)...because one word isn’t enough to describe my song.


    1. ???? As long as miya biwi raaji....there is no problem dhanushji

  7. Nice work... Keep Blogging!

  8. Hahah this Rocking -u :)


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