A child is a father of men

August 05, 2012 12 Comments

Every morning I am awaken by a dream. The recurring dream that I will go to school one day. I will have a house in these valleys. A house whose tin roof will not spill rain water, nor shower heat of sun neither let the cold winds flow in dark chilly winter nights.

A house where I return from school and meet my mother who cook me a good meal and feed me. The smoke coming out of chimney is of a good healthy meal and not the one that comes from these factories where my abba works. Those factories smell of chemicals and the smoke is very intoxicating. I dream of clean air to breath.

I dream of a playground where I can go and play fearlessly with all my friends. Cricket, ball and even race. I want to drive a bicycle and not the heavy rickshaw that Ram kaka rides. Let there be some rainbow. I dream of rainbow, a clear blue sky that I can stand anywhere and see. A clear blue river where I can go and do fishing. I want to visit that beautiful temple and the colorful festivities they held. But I am held back by my neighbors. They say, i shouldn't go there. That is not our God. Why do we have so many Gods when we fold our hands to pray? Having one God, at one place would be good idea. I can pray from home also but I need school to go. I need a good, clean and safe hospital which can cure me with life and not death and disability.

I dream of going into that big shop one day and get myself a set of new cloths. My robes have been worn down. They are small, dirty and no longer covers my body. I dream of having a toy. Like the one those kids have where my Abba took me to work. My Abba says they want to keep me at their house. I will do work for them and they will give their children' used cloths and toys. I am asked to clean utensils and in return they give me leftover food. Why can't I have the same food that those children have? I too have two eyes, one nose like they have. Then why so much difference? I am better than those kids na...they can't even take water in glass & drink and I have to do that for them. they are as small as me but they are not my friends...why?

I dream of being with friends, flying kites and making paper boast when it rains. I often use to run behind those butterflies, fireflies and catch them in my ammi's pet jar bottle. I do not know what light is. I have often seen them at streets and those big houses. Ammi told me that we cannot buy lights. We are too poor to have a bulb lit at our house. House? We stay in big, round grey color homes. It has no windows but 2 doors. Abba says that one day we will have a better house and Ammi will put a bulb there. Ammi. She has gone to God' house to get his permission to switch a bulb at our house. There shall be light, she said. Its been long, almost a year. I do not want bulb, I want Ammi back.

I dream of being with Ammi. Would she not come back ever? Would there never be light? Would I ever get clean water to drink and warm, fresh food to eat twice a day? Would I ever go to school? I have thousand questions in my little mind. Would I ever get an answer for any of them?

A child is the father of men. They say this. They do things differently though. I am a child. Tomorrow I will be father of a man. Is this the way you want my perception to grow up? Is this the way we want the father to grow up?

(One plea to one and all. Pl do not discriminate between children. A child is not rich or poor, clean or dirty but a child. Stop child labor)
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Read this post with this song... I do not intent to capitalize but sensitize that we have a big issue and this issue must be resolved.

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  1. Heart rending post. Very well written. I am totally against child labor. We do not go to a few Indian owned restaurants here because they make their young kids to bus the tables and that too after 8 pm. Child labor is even worst in Pakistan.

    About having one God vs many Gods! A scene from the comedy movie “History of the World: Part 1” comes to my mind. Christianity was just established. Romans had many Gods. Roman emperor was worried Christianity will flourish in his country. He consulted his minister. The minister replied: Don’t worry majesty. Christians are so poor they can afford only one God.

    1. Thanks a lot SG.

      Your commenst are so insightful and informative.

      I myself do not like to get served by young kids and my heart wrench to see them loitering at signals and all.

  2. Hey great job. The writing, the picture and the song just makes the whole experience of this post so real and heart wrenching. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks Sujata :)

      I am glad you liked it.

  3. Brilliant post ... Beautiful narration that definitely touches heart...

  4. Ashlesha06 August

    Truly touching! You etched out the question really well. The song is heart wrenching too...The video is nice. would you make one like you did for brides' post?

    1. Thanks Ashlesha

      I wrote this post at nth hour for submission. Could not make a video in that time but yes, I plan to do one soon. I am glad you liked it.

      Hope you liked the brides wala video as well:)

  5. Shweta07 August


    Very well written.

    Child labour is surely steep but its better if children work (small tasks) than begging..what say? I hate seeing children begging at signals n all.

    1. Thanks Shweta.

      Yes small tasks in friendly, developing and educating way is fine. But who draws the line here? some ppl call begging effort less task. A child is not that developed to work in factory or kilns. May be they should be given jobs like plucking flowers, tasting cookies etc.

  6. There was so much pain and so much angst in this post. It moved me beyond description. So powerfully written. A child indeed has so many dreams and they are so pure and fresh. You brought them out brilliantly. And indeed every child should be allowed to dream and play and be a child. Child labor is indeed a heinous crime which kills the child inside the child. A very important message portrayed beautifully.

    1. Thank u so much Raj for your kind and encouraging words. I am glad that a lot is takes this issues to heart. I would request you to prevent child labor in any where, in any form you may come across. Thanks and keep visiting my blogs:)


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