Dexter & Dee Dee Chronicles - SoakNoMore

I toil hard every day
Work under sun, work all way
Soak me not I tell the sun
But sun keeps soaking me anyway

Love my shirts white and bright
All my linen, colorful and light
Dust and pollution, gives me fright
Soak me no more I say
But they too turn a blind eye
And keep me soaking anyway

Flabbergasted I hop all place
Jungles, Super marts and store
I tried even this, I tried even that
 Tv program, ads and sales on door
Try everything that I lay my hand
Detergents, soap, whitener, bleach and more
Squeeze the Lemon to rub the collars
Brush the cufflinks, visited even washer men shore
Soak me no more my cloths say
But I soak them anyways

Every Sunday morning I put up a fight
To scrub away dirt but to my plight
They are stubborn, they do not move
They say let us be there for stains are good
Soda, brush, wooden bat and all my might
I even emptied whole toothpaste white
I stood on my head still it didn’t work
I burn the temple lamps but my stains still smirk
Inky, stinky, sporty and Picklu
Stain gang is a little rascal that blinks at me
I told the dirt to stay away
but stains keep soaking my cloths anyway

Stains are stubborn, washing is not easy
Life is busy but doing laundry makes it dizzy
I tried all trick, all in vain
I toggle hard on laundry but still its not right

And then one day my Dee dee arrived…

I needed freedom from stains but here comes something that's a bigger pain. The world know the tale of laborious Dexter and his loving sister- Dee Dee. They have come to life in this "Soak no more" saga to bust that dirt monster. Here's the rendezvous and a tete' a tete of Dexter and Dee dee (cartoon character used to depict a real life relation & interaction between me & my younger brother) that followed-
The ever effervescent Dee Dee (DD in short) smiled outside my doorstep that evening. "Surprise" she said. "Shock" I muttered. We were just sipping our cups of hot chocolate post dinner when she in her legendary non reflective style "ooh what's this button" pulled out a rather deceptive switch which resulted in power cut of entire house. Phussss! went the lights. 

Its then I noticed her paper fresh cloths. All shiny, all bright, all so squeaky, crispy clean. Huh! My spendthrift sister and her ways of splurging money. They must be pucca brand new shopped from one of the most expensive designer store, as always. “Nice Tee, Dee dee. New one”?  "Na re, its almost 2 years now". There goes another Huh! She keeps on buying stuff only to sate her cupboards & her forever "itching to spend" habit. So today must be the lucky day for this shirt for finally it has seen the light of the day from her dark, stuffed cupboard. "Ohhh new pinch di!". "No baba, I told you na I got them 2 years back". "Yes but you wearing them for first time na…so new pinch to banta hai!". "No re I have been wearing them regularly. They are my favorite you see". They look so good and fresh. "Yes,  just washed them a day before". "Hmmm must be tough time cleaning it considering its all white". "No re. just put inside washing machine, add soap and water and switch it on. lo & behold, its done". "How about soaking? Did you soaked them overnight or 2 hours before washing?" I digged. "Why soaking? I SoakNoMore".  "What are you saying, no soaking? You must be putting very expensive detergent and off course a lot of scoopfuls". No, pat came her reply.. Then? How is it possible. Aha over night soaking.

"Soak no more my dear" my sister told me as she handed me the new Surf excel. Some marketing gimmick? How can you wash cloths without soaking. She smiled and quipped- Do you soak yourself overnight before taking bath? Is your cloths Rajma or chole that you have to soak overnight or for best cooking/ wash 6 hours types?

"Err,ahem, aargh! No dee dee. Then how does it work. Considering mine is an expensive front loading techno washing machine"- I asked. "Aisi machine, waisi machine ho, Surf excel matic hai na"- she blinked! She then explained to me the principle of vibrating molecules and low Suds that penetrates inside the fabric and cleans the toughest of stains without soaking, without much foaming. Hmmm then it means lots of powder in a bucket. No, it means- lots of power in the bucket! You mean etc powder for etc power? Off oh bhai, she said. Half kg of surf is equal to 1 kg of any other detergent powder. Really? yes really. Hee hee this act of her reminded me of Lalitaji who once used to come on Doordarshan promoting the brand on similar lines. My dee dee is Y2k Lalitaji? But the big Bindi on forehead is replaced by a swanky looking bluetooth on ears. Lolz! So, what is the moral of the story- Surf ki kharidaari mein hi samajhdaari hai (buy wise, buy Surf) End of discussion, SoakNoMore.

So then I replaced all my lemon, bleach, soda, whitener and other detergents with Surf and we happily lived together ever after. Who? Surf and its customers- yours truly!

Soak no more says my detergent
For it has vibrating molecules and bubbling agent
Soak no more in dirt and pain
Soak no more, hey I say it again
Soaking is cool, soaking is fun
When u soak urself in the fun
Soak in joy, soak in spring
Do not soak cloths, do not wring
Instant wash and its all done
Washing cloths was never so much of fun!
Soak no more, my cloths say
Easy cleaning, anyday
Doing laundry is dizzy but surf makes it easy

Numerounity's TriviaSurf is like Indian Nightingale- Lata Mangeshkar's ageless melodies which is loved by all the generations –From our grand fathers, to our fathers and even us. 
The above post is non fictional and bores heavy resemblance to my relation with my younger brother


....and that's how writer's block crumbles

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Have fun & SoakNoMore

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  1. Howdy!...Let me know what do you think...testing testing...ok ok...

  2. Super. You can be the official spokesperson for Unilever. As you wrote, SoakNoMore applies only to clothes. Not to rajma or chole. I personally want to be soaked in with pleasure. Love to be soaked in with food, movies, and books.

    1. Thank so much..I wrote with so much passion for dove contest as well and waited for months for nothing and to make injury worse, some of the winning post was such a bad scribble :( Not hoping much here as well.

  3. Kudos..Used and blended the concept of a brother and sister's naughty relationship and the message of soak no more... absolutely fab...all ingredients of superhit formula and wow...all the best!

    Tussi chaa gaye, numerounity ji!

    1. Thanks younger brother thinks himself as Dexter who is tortured by his Dee dee that is me...hee hee..

  4. You know what I loved most?
    Numerounity's trivia!

    It was hilarious... and yes, the words there made me too step out of my writer's block. So, thank you. :)

    Arvind Passey

    1. Thanks soo much...Much appreciate and yes, loved your post too :)

  5. Anonymous22 September

    The poetic part, its actually cool for a rap. Seriously.

    1. Thanks so much anonymous...btw all of these is copy right protected..hope u know? :)

      BTW, any harm in disclosing ur name? :(

  6. Anonymous25 September

    I did not know that!
    I was too lazy to login a google account and then post a comment. And i only take responsibility of that mis-spelled "beatiful" comment.
    BTW, I am Nitish.

  7. Anonymous21 May

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