Yeh Daag Achche Hai!

September 05, 2012 14 Comments

Soak no more......celebrate the things called life, thing called innocence, thing called harmony and above all things called humanity.

Today is teacher's day. We all love our teachers cause they taught us wonderful things. Times are changing. today kids teach us lot many new things, in a simplest as a matter of fact forms. Learning is definitely a two way tunnel. When you do not know how to do, learn these from genius kids of Surf here- 

1. Kids saving the last over of their match from bullies. Moral when you can't fight your enemy who is stronger- embrace them!

2. When someone lets you down, retaliate not by pulling a stronger ones but strike a friendly chord and pull by love and unconditional support

3. Children teaches the elders the joy of thinking out of box. Simple solutions to sometime complex problems. In this ad a little kid selflessly, involuntarily colors himself as scarecrow to help his grandma

Every time I see these ad, my heart is filled with ample joy. The joy of living, the joy of giving and the joy of life that these innocent childs unknowingl;y thrust into all viewers hearts. 

These stains are so lovely that SoakNoMore them in any soap or water...let them be.

Yeh daag to achche about yeh daag-

And yeh daag....

Soak no more. if your detergent can remove tough stains in the washing machine without soaking, then why can't you remove these tough stains?

Kapde ke daag ke liye Surf excel hai na...aur desh ke daag ke liye?....yeh-

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. Very well picturized and presented. Innovative.
    Best wishes

  2. Interesting post. Wish these detergents can wash away the corruption that is dirtying the basic fabric of this country.

  3. Excellent. Very well put it. Learn from the kids! That is the topic of my next post describing my recent personal experience. (Did you by any chance happen to see the draft of that post? Hahaha)

    Love the new layout. You and your look-alike twin sister are absolutely sensational.

    1. cool...I am so much waiting to see another beautiful narrative woven by you :)

      No way..If I have done, I would not have dared to lock horn with your flawless writing with my gullible scribbles.

      Thanks..She is actually my third sis of the triplet...I am missing :)

  4. fabulously creative and very entertaining. :)

    Pages Off Life

  5. Anonymous17 September

    hey ekta very well presented .....all the best best for the contest :) :)

    1. Thanks Vinisha...Good luck to both of us :)


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