Mon Amour- Melbourne

September 13, 2012 , 42 Comments

" Cosmopolitan, elegant and chic, Melbourne is everything that you speak". 

Recited little Aalia ever since she was mere 5 years old. And now after so many years, she is finally standing on the land of her dream- Melbourne.

She looked around her. It was picturesque, scenic view. Just landed from her aircraft she felt as if she stepped on clouds and it became Melbourne. Few days and she has to live her dreams. She quickly opened the mail from her Melbourne guide- The official site for Melbourne, Australia and checked her itinery again. Whole through the flight she spent her time either reading the details from her planner again and again or dreaming about the pictures and places she saw on brochure. From visiting wild life sanctuary to planetarium to skiing and playing with koala bear, she has so many dreams. She is travelling with bare minimum stuff and intends to buy lots of hot couture from the majestic city. On her list is also the magnificent ballooning and site seeing clubbed with thrilling rides of merry go round and roller coaster from Luna park. She wanted to open and see whats inside the public purse on Bourke Street.

Aalia's wishlist for the trip, hanging on her wall...

Aalia was an avid adventure sports enthusiast. The first thing she wanted to do was to sky dive. She tossed her coin in the air to choose between balloon ride or sky dive, Head, ballooning and scenic flights won over Tail, sky diving. Why not, she thought. First she will go up in sky with the balloon and then hey presto, dive from tallest heights to Terra firma. What a novelty! she thought. From going up at the center of  rainbow to gliding in blue sea, the city has everything to give. Gleefully, she set on her sky tour. As she flew up in the big red balloon overseeing the beautiful city below, her silk scarf, her satin red silk scarf lose hold from her head and flies towards the blue augustic sky. Aalia raises her hands to pull it back but pulls them back hearing her mother who was asking- What are you doing Aalia?

She was woken up from her dreams and finds her mother by her bed side stroking her head with love and concern. Invalid from a few years, bed ridden little Aalia still so mesmerized with the beautiful coffee table book on Melbourne city, lying near her bed side, in hope to visit her dream destination soon. (Bourne= destination)

Aalia’s smile vanishes into a remorse, crestfallen expression on her lovely, immaculate face. I was standing behind the doors, reminding myself to do everything to bring that pristine smile back on her woken up face as it was when she was sleeping. I told myself- Its your time to visit Melbourne Now!!


Melbourne, is a metaphorical city of Australia with a state of art architecture, great collection of arts and culture, with captivating history, breathtaking views, finest arcades, hatted restaurants and what not. I want to travel to Melbourne and bring an arm full of happy, beautiful and colorful memories. Experiences so vivid, experiences so unique, experiences enriched with a touch, a glory and a blessing embracing all five senses- See, Touch, Hear, Smell and Taste that the wonderful nature has bestowed on us.I shall live, experience Australia- Melbourne in all these senses and senses of the world. So much that Melbourne becomes a second skin to me, instilled in me, through all my 5 senses.

I want to capture the skyline of city at morning and twilight in my camera, the beautiful lush green valleys and parks, the beautiful Yarra river from Batman Avenue, the Arts Center, Docklands at night lights, like a jewel in the crown of nature's head. I want to visit the Werribee open range zoo, Healesville Sanctuary, National Gallery of Victoria. I also want to capture the old world charm of city abundantly found at City’s Southern cross station, post office, libraries, townhall and so forth. There are beauties that cannot be written, but only seen by eyes


I want to touch the feeling of being at 360 degree Oceanarium which houses giant and small and variety of creatures from the sea at Melbourne Aquarium. Oh Aalia, I want to bring the soft touch of Koala bears for you, as I caress the soft skin on their head. The sight of jumping, skipping kangaroo who keep their babies in their lap pocket, touches the heart. I want to carry that touch in my heart and bring for her to warm her up in cold, silent nights. I want to soak in the spa, give my body that long awaited pamper, that healing touch which restores the balance within and glow that shine outside the skin. 

The divinity of God in the bells of St Paul’ Cathedral. Hear the crackling sound of ice and skates shafting, speedily and at dizzying heights at skiing valley. The tintinnabulations of water springing in iconic river of Yarra and songs of joy from that  musician from Princess theater, spring street. Hear the harmony that life may bring with peace and tranquility. Absorb all the chattering noises to reflect only the melodies. That is such a sound that I want to capture in my souls and bring to her. The sound of silence, the sound of serenity, the sound of pulsating throbs will melt in thee. 

I want to carry the aromas of freshly extracted coffee beans, the green on the leaves of plants and trees. The fragrance of dew drops on Melbourne Cricket Stadium grass where several cricketing legends where made and stood through tested times. I want to take that magnificent, gravity defying balloon ride and up in the air, smell the fresh zephyr, seal them in a little jar and ornate your window.

I want to pluck the reddest of strawberries from Mornington peninsula for her. The fresh, juicy grapes that she always cherished. I want to bask in the glories of nature’s love, embrace them and bring the delight of local cuisine in my own kitchen  to bake some unforgettable meals for you. The taste of fresh brewed wine, white sauvignon and the red flushed one that resembles your happy cheeks.

I want to bring all those experience(s) which above all makes us feel that world is a beautiful creation of God and Melbourne one of most lavishly, leisurely painted portrait. It's natural beauty, man made structures and natural abundance is like manna from heaven, that perfect picture which we should keep intact, spotless and as pristine.

I want to live entire Melbourne, breath and bring that as a beautiful experience for her. I want little Aalia to experience all those 5 magical senses from Melbourne that I wish to bring along with me.

This post is written for Indiblogger Contest Topic no 63
Video Courtesy: Numerounity (Self)
Picture courtesy: Alia' wishlist (Numerounity), Others (Google)

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  1. Super. My personal favorite in Melbourne: Restaurants.

    Your using the word “aircraft” brought a smile in my face. Recently there was a news item here in USA. Mitt Romney (Republican candidate in this upcoming US Presidential election) (born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a multi billionaire) was made fun of his aristocracy because he uses the word “aircraft” instead of “plane”. Looks like only upper class rich people use the word “aircraft” and commoners use the word “plane”.

    1. :)

      Thanks SG... wonderful anecdote. yup...may be I too can become US prez anytime in future...see, I already have some habits of Aristocrats...Plane zooooooooooooom!

    2. yessss Geee...No comments on video?

  2. Wonderful take on your trip to Melbourne.Good wishes.

    1. Many thanks Amit! :)

      I would love to win this contest and fly to Melbourne. never been abroad :)

  3. Nice.. seems there is something for every sense of ours, isnt it?

    1. Yes, William Wordsworth has said- The world has too much to give! :)

  4. That's a wow take on the theme. Loved the way you explored Melbourne.
    All the best for the contest! :)

    1. Thanks Soo much Shilpa!

      I really need ur best wishes...really wanted to win this trip :)

  5. This is my favourite in the Melbourne contest and I like it...:) Too Good Ekta..and the Video just adds beauty to the story.

    1. Thanks sooooooooo much Stephen! Hope u r about to finish your one soon :)

    2. Good...I should start working on finishing my entry for soak no more...I have had couple of ideas as sketched in paper too but I seem to be changing everytime I see the draft..lazy me!

  6. Very different take . Good Luck :)

  7. That was a lot of wishlist in a short nice post Ekta:) Best wishes for the contest!

    1. Thank you sooo much! :)

      Like I am saying to everyone..I really need one as I really wish to be there :)

      Pray for me :)

  8. Hey Ekta, that was a great take on the topic! I really wish you go, and bring the smile back on little Aalia's face! All the very best to you :)

    1. Thanks so much Arti! :)

      I loved yours too...lovely monochrome sketches!

  9. Really interesting take. The 5 senses approach was very creative.

  10. See - hear - touch - smell - taste... and then you don't just mention these abstractions but go on to link them with a tangible visit and presence in a language that I really loved. The sort of post I'd have wanted to write had I got the idea on time... all the bets for the contest! :)

    Arvind Passey

    1. Thanks so much :)

      Melbourne is as of now an intangible city which I want to touch, see, hear, watch and feel.

      Also, You write or I, its same...its all in a family :)

  11. Nice work Ekta..pointing out ur choices fr taste, see, hear, touch was a good idea..and the video also felt good...all the best

    1. Thanks Tom...I am so glad that you saw that video and liked.

      I was looking forward to some comments on it, unfortunately no one pointed :(

  12. I really hope Aalia gets to see Melbourne :) All the best! :D

    1. Thanks so much....I am the Aalia who wants to see :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Shame, using a poor ill child in this way, par koi nhi, Aalia fictional jo hai :D

    4. How do you know or can be so sure that Aalia is fictional and her context is being used ? :)

      Read my previous comment again :)

  13. wow...i m speechless....thats a very rare thing

  14. Interesting take on the prompt.All the best for the contest :)

    1. Thanks Uma :) This thanks comes a little late as I just saw your reply. However, do pray for me this time :)

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