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When you want to buy online, you have deals. When you have to buy deals online, think nothing but snapdeal.

I am an avid Snapdeal user. They even send me daily alerts on their latest and greatest offers. Off late too many such sites have come upon but trust me, nothing beats snap deal and its offers. In fact, I have never tried any deals from other sites no matter how popular or old they are.

From parlors to restaurants, snap deal helped me choose few of my favorite ones in the unknown, unreliable city of Gurgaon. Not just that, I can parallel see deals at other cities and keep my friends update.

User type: I often purchase more deals on parlors and saloon than any other thing on Snapdeal.  Yes, there were some nice, some memorable and some really weird moments too.

The good experience:
Recently I bought the "C saloon" offer from Snapdeal which elaborates as “Pay Rs 40 to get 40% discount”. Since I was in need of a saloon service and wanted to try some one cheaper, better and in near vicinity. So, promptly, I went to their site etc to see their saloon pictures and off course rate card. The deal was very simple to buy and execute. I needed basic service of waxing and threading so I did not keep any high hopes with the saloon. The general tendency is to associate cheap and low rung things but such deals but hello, much to my surprise, the place was absolute awesome and services fantastic. I got immediate booking. The service was good too. Unlike deal through many other offers, they did not treated us any less.  Thank you Snapdeal for providing good offers that we can use.

The "work-in-progress" experience that became a blitzkrieg
I need to buy a laptop mic and handphone for video chatting. It was a long awaited purchase as I have been planning to get a low priced product that I can use for my infrequent video chats. I have been to quite some store but what they offer is either out of budget or does not meet requirement. It’s when my younger brother refused to chat me using VC without an audio facility that I seriously contemplated buying one. “Why don’t you get one iBall mic Dee Dee, it costs barely Rs 200”, he suggested. 200 watts of happiness created and I searched iBall on google. To my surprise it threw a link through our all present Snapdeal and minced no minutes to get on the page. I have been planning to buy something from Snapdeal from long. It started from the mini golf set and stopped at the few lovely sarees that I admired on the website. I thought of opening my product purchase account from this product and so logged on its page for accessories under computer and peripherals- Headphones and mic. It not only threw up the right product that I wanted to buy but also suggested many similar ones. One such product that took my heart away was a multimedia headphone wireless roaming. I have always wanted to buy a similar product from wherein I can connect a node to my TV and use a wireless headphone for audio reception. Wow! this one will double oops 5 times up for-
  1. A Mic
  2. A Headphone
  3. TV Audio Input (for Individual listening only)
  4. FM Radio
  5. Visit this link to know more- Intex 

I checked the price, in budget. I checked the same product across other such sites and found the cheapest offer at Snapdeal only. I was so excvited that I forgot the main product that I intended to buy and settled for this. Alas, the product was out of stock. I thought I will buy and share my experience post that but as luck would have been L

Do you know what? As I am writing this post, the stock is replenished and voila, available to order. Here I 3 simple steps (each causing barely half a minute) I got my product ordered and now waiting for it to be landed at me doorstep!!! Voila, I need not have to spend extra nickles on my trip to store/ mall!! Thanks Snapdeal team for your wonderful offers and wide range of products/services! Now what shall I try next? Ummm cosmetics, apparels, Gadgets or yes, may be my new phone- a yet to be released- Samsung S Duo! Ahem let me wait till results, who know if I may get extra credit from the team by winning this contest..hee hee   J

PS: I believe grugaon auto rickshaw should also tie up Snapdeal…Gosh the fare will have some sensible pricing!

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  1. Internet has made the world very small. I am glad you are able to get some very good deal in SnapDeal. I have a question. Is this like Groupon in USA? Hope you win this contest.

    1. Yes, Its more like groupon. BTW, the groupon in India is known as crazeal...They were re christened from which was good hitherto but off late haven't tried much besides it doesn't offer as many as good deals as snapdeal!

    2. Thanks for the info. Appreciate it.

    3. You welcome! :)

      U pinged me on gmail last night...sorry couldn't see as I have logged in using handheld device :(

    4. Np sweat Ekta. Will ping some other day. Have a good day.

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