A nail biting story...

March 17, 2013 30 Comments

A young executive was nervously biting her nails....

a. She was late for the business presentation. Damn Traffic
b. She was waiting to get the annual appraisals letter today
c. Her boss wanted to her to do overtime wherein in-laws wanted her to be home by 6.
d. She was hungry and her nails were real chew worthy
e. She was suspecting a pregnancy & she & her husband were not prepared to bring up a child now
f. Any other....(pl specify)

Seema pondered over a while, going through each option and weighing them carefully. It was the last question of her computer administrative test and she could do anything but risk it. This question meant a lot for her as it was her last chance to secure additional ten marks in this exam.

She took a deep breath and finally ticked the last option "f- Any other". She has to specify as well. Seema wrote- Low bone calcium, making her nails brittle and causing her to bite nails.

“What are you crazy? How did you know it would be that? It could be any of these options”. Asked her friend Trishala who was a law student.

“Tri, I am a medical student and such questions are very hypothetical in nature. I wrote what I deem right” quipped Seema.

“That’s your assumption Seema. How do you know it’s true? You could have lost ten marks for it, for all you know” said Trishala who was still not convinced with Seema’s logics.

“I know it Tri. After all, computer too confirmed my answer by adding that additional ten marks in my score” said, a triumphed Seema. “Now, please no more discussions on this. Exam is finally over; let’s go to law college square tapri (tea stall) to have a fresh ginger cardamom tea. My in laws would be waiting and I need to get home by 6:00pm”.

As the teacher read the above excerpt in the class for logical deduction. Mia, sitting in the far end corner of the class smirked and looked befuddled. She made furtive notes on her note book and thrown a glance over her half chewed nails. She was hungry and waiting desperately for class to get over. Much to her dismay, the lecturer, post reading the excerpt, challenged a question in front of the class to justify the reason behind Seema’ choice and also to bring new dimensions to the questions by adding new alternatives.

Each one came with a different reasoning. While a certain sect of students agreed with Seema’s deduction whereas to promote new thinking and generate a healthy debate many came up with other alternatives. The lecturer just then noticed the restlessness in Mia’s eyes and asked her take on this, suddenly the bell rang and class had to disperse for the day. It was great relief for Mia, the final year MBA student.

It was 6:00 pm when Mia reached her home. Her mother was sitting in the porch, making tea for her guest and friend Shalu. “Oh there comes Mia. OMG she has grown in to a fine looking young lady” remarked aunt Shalu who was seeing Mia almost fter six months.. “Come join us for tea. Shalu aunty got us some fine earl Grey from Darjeeling. She brought your favorite lavender flavor too” asked her mother, slipping a hot cuppa in Mia’s hands. She couldn’t help notice her half chewed nails but before she could ask, Mia started the talk. “Ummm the aroma is just superb, out of world. Thank you Shalu aunty” she said with her eyes closed indulging in fine aromatic experience of her tea before sipping it away to glory. “It’s too soothing, esp after the heavy duty nail biting logical deduction theory discussion today. Oh my God, I am still confused how did protagonist was so sure about that nail biting question”?

“Nail biting question? What is that Mia, share with us so that see if can contribute something to your conclusions” asked her mom inquisitively.

Mia told her and Shalu aunty about the excerpt and they listened in steady silence. As Mia finished talking, her phone rang and it was her friend on other line. Mia excused herself from the porch asking the two ladies to continue their discussion.

As she left Shalu heaved a sigh and looked at Mia’s mom in great disbelief. She couldn’t help but asked “How could this happen? How the author did know that this happened? It was between you and me”.

“Do you remember that at the beginning of college each of us were asked to share our one most bizarre/ interesting part while going through the first medical CAT in India? I gave this incident” replied Mia’s mom.

“Phew, I never expected it will come to us this way. Thank God they changed the names”. said Shalu.

“Thank God, Mia didn’t notice that we too are doctor and lawyer. Tee hee come let me treat you another cup of tea, exactly the type we use to get at law college square Tapri” winked Mia’s mom.

As 12 years old Saina finished reading the story, she closed the book and went to her mother. “Mom do people bite their nails because of lack of calcium” She asked.

“Well poppet, a lot of them do. Some does out of nervousness as well. However, the majority of research pointed it to lack of bone Calcium”.

“Hmmm that is why you ask me to drink milk every day, mom”? asked Saina.

“Yes Poppet, it is important for us females to intake daily calcium to protect our bones. That’s why I insist you to drink at least 1 glass of milk daily. Now, finish you glass of milk and go to bed, I have to reach office early tomorrow, I have a business presentation and I do not want to be late for it”.

“No mom, not today. I am feeling over fed with that extra helping of rice. I will do tomorrow, for sure. Now shall I go to sleep pl”? asked Saina.

“Ok, but tomorrow for sure” Said her mom, Anjana while turning off her room’s lights.

Anjana was sitting at her desk and biting her nails nervously. Her colleague came and asked what the matter is? Is she nervous for being late for the business presentation or in surmounting tension of upcoming appraisal letter?

“Well not exactly” Said Anjana. “I am worried, as I doubt a second pregnancy. My husband and I are not very sure to bring a child now.

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Well that was my "story in story" take for the Blogadda WoW theme wherein we have to write a story starting with - A young executive was nervously biting her nails...

Hope you like reading it. It was my first attempt creating “story within a story”- all in record time (read deadline) of 40 mins. Do leave your comments.


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  1. Great concept...and an excellent achievement if u managed it in 40 mins.

    But ekta ekta ekta, you have this very bad habit of not proofreading your story before publishing it. I have noticed it earlier as well. When we type so fast, there will be some errors which can be revealed only during proofreading.

    Actually, these are small little things which affect the reader.
    Here are some instances-

    a. "suddenly the bell rang and class has to disperse for the day." (error: it would be 'class had to disperse')

    b. "Well poppet, a lot of them does it nervousness as well" (error: should be 'a lot of them do it out of nervousness as well)

    PS- I hope you would proofread from next time. That would help you achieve perfection :))

    1. Hey Ritesh!

      I am glad that you liked my post and thanks for detailed analysis. I understand the typos but as I mentioned I wrote the post all in 40 mins where I changed the plot thrice and emphasis was more on story than anything. I did draft it on Word and since I was nearing deadline, I published it thinking to return to rectify.

      I do proof read a lot of times but generally it takes a backseat due to time or other occupation. I read ur comment in the morning and changed my mind to re do it later.

    2. Okay, don't worry. My blessings are with you. Amen :) :P

    3. No worries buddy...read now. I finally managed some time to edit what I actually wanted to express without changing my context. Thanks to u, I re read my post:)

  2. Nice read at the heart of it.

  3. gud job...really liked your style of writing

  4. Read it from the very first word to the very last.. so simple and so impressive. Loved the ending and hate milk.

    1. Thanks Young big mouth. Many thanks for liking it.

  5. a story within a story - simplicity weave its own magic. good read, Ekta. :-)

    1. Thanks rat...Thanks for liking the concept :)

  6. I like your writing style..flawless !:)

  7. Interesting style, very different infact. Well done and ATB for the Contest.

    1. Thanks so much Meenakshi! Well it ain't any contest just a theme based writing. I am glad u liked my experimentation.

  8. That was a nail biting tale!

  9. Anonymous20 March

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  10. A good attempt on this nail biting concept :) Truly It felt like one Ekta. Nice one :)

    1. Thanks so much Saurabh! I am glad u liked and appreciated it!

  11. You are capable writer and i see that you can write better. May be you are not focused.

    1. Thanks Neo. At the end of the day, its my personal blog. My focus is only for commercial writing :)

  12. Impressive...I liked the style.. :)

  13. Good combination of stories.. By the way, I think people also bite nails out of habit..

  14. Anonymous06 April

    Brilliant..I loved it..:)

  15. Anonymous21 May

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  16. Reached here through Indiblogger...
    I liked the concept. Sort of like a picture in a picture in a picture...
    But I agree with the first comment...there are a few slight mistakes...it puts off the reader...unless he's seen your blog's rank in Indiblogger and comes here with high expectations...in which case he'll read till the end and comment as well :)

  17. Awesome.. Writing such a story and that too in only 40 minutes. Hats off to you.


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