iDiva Guilty Pleasures, RCB Sketchstars & Other Contests

March 04, 2013 17 Comments

Contest is the buzzword on Twitter & Facebook these days. Here's few that I stumbled upon this morning and thought of sharing with you.

1. iDiva Guilty Pleasures Contest
Women, here's a new contest for you to pamper yourself. Hachette India & AuraVedic in association with iDiva brings a simple 1-2-3 contest for all women out there. All you have to do is-

  • Click this link
  • Answer a simple tick mark type question 
  • And share- My Favorite de-stress trick is.....
  • Share your contact details

  • 2. Fanatic Fans Challenge 5- Royal Challenge Bangalore Sketchstar
    Whoever said doodling is good, was absolutely correct. If you are a sketcher and cricket fan than you are at right place. RCB is looking for sketchers who can create whacky, witty caricatures, sketches of their favorite RCB moments. The select one will be the official cartoonist during this Pepsi IPL. So what are you waiting for? Click this link and start now.

    All you have to do is 
    • Click the link given above. (FFC 5)
    • Log in/ signup using your FB or google plus account
    • Fill up a simple form with your name, details, select a player and upload your sketch. If you have an album of such sketches, do upload them- however optional
    • Or email them your sketches
    • Click submit sketches
    Special Perks- Meet the team, watch all home games LIVE and win the RCB 2013 kit


    3. Other Contests
     Garnier- Neem the mean Machine on Facebook. Click here
    TryNBuy contest by Yebhi on twitter. Click this link and follow the hashtag-  

    Also, I am just back from a wonderful visit from Four Season's vineyards - Baramati Pune. Stay tuned for some mesmerizing pictures, posts and tidbits on my love of beverages- Wines...

    You never know if there's a poem too! :)

    The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


    1. Thanks for sharing this Ekta! BTW, I replied to your query on linking posts to Imaginary Garden With Real Toads on my blog, but in case you haven't seen it yet, here it is again -

      Go to

      At the end of every post, there's a link box where you need to put your name and the link to your poem and press Submit.

      That's it! Your name will appear in the list right above the link box.

      I don't think you should have any trouble posting your poems on IGWRT anymore!

      Hope this helped :) Cheers!

      1. Thanks so much Meenakshi. I am glad that I stumbled across ur blog and discovered that site.

        The linky wasn't an issue. Actually i wanted to know the theme so I can submit my poem correctly. Good that it worked :)


    2. Anonymous05 March

      thanks for the share Ekta :) let me try my luck :D

      1. Sure and let me know :)

      2. Anonymous12 March

        Hei Ekta....i have posted few shapes ( tried hard to make them resemble the faces they wanted in the skectchstar contest :D ) In any case , I thank u again coz had your post not been there , at least , i would not have known about the contest !!

    3. looks interesting
      thanks for uploading

    4. You seem to be a greedy girl. Always looking around the world for contests and free goodies. :P

      Accha listen na, I was looking for you. Did you win that trip to Paris for that 'Gillette' contest? And did u get the Flipkart voucher worth Rs 500?

      1. Greed? Well I call it motivation...I do not just look around, I share and help others win too! Besides, I barely ever win anything buddy.

        Greed is good, when it comes to writing :) lolz...

        Looking for me? hahaha I said na I barely win anything. Got no voucher...Aila I forgot that voucher thing..good u reminded..u got?

    5. Even I don't win anything....In fact so much so that 'to win an Indiblogger award' is now in my '10 things to do before i die' list :P

      I haven't heard from them since... Tum pata karo yaar. Don't let the Gillette wala get away with us like this. That's cheating. After all, we shamelessly promote their stuff, giving up all our self-respect, and they are not even handing out wat they promised. :X

      1. Lolz...yup I will...I have asked blogadda team to reply on the same. Seems from indi to adda, everyone taking us shameless bloggers for granted...lolz!!!

    6. Okay, please keep me updated with the happenings....
      PS- You and your blog both rock (Y)

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