Once Upon a "Time"- Dobara

July 24, 2013 15 Comments

Morning, evening and
nights. It frights and keep upright
Men race with time

It is rare, it is
fragile. Beware it can tread

all that deem worthwhile

The above set of Haiku is written especially for Haiku Heights; prompt word- Time
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  1. Ha ha ha ... loved it dobara :-P

  2. Very true Ekta, we are all racing with time but in vain... Time is fragile too, very well said:)
    I have been dropping by your blogs quite regularly, sorry dint leave comments on some of the posts though :)

    1. :) Never mind. It is always good to see u and ur pen here :0)

  3. Good one Ekta. Time flies. As Shakespeare said: "the swiftest hours, as they flew,".

  4. Is time fragile? Well, you made me think...Ekta..or by asking this I too made you think again.. and thanks for your visit to my page...


    1. Haha thanks Mr Sood. Time is indeed fragile n makes every thing that touches it fragile too.

  5. Anonymous25 July

    Dobara Rocks...Now this Haiku really stands very true in recent times...We all r in a race against Time

  6. Anonymous25 July

    These are fantastic!

  7. "Beware it can tread." I enjoyed the line and your haiku. It sums up time perfectly.


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