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Pariah essential means an outcast, one that is usually despised and rejected. It was initially used to refer a hereditary member of a certain low society section of southern India (Pariayar- the drum beaters) but off late the term hold true for anyone who is rejected or spelled an outcast from society, a group either for no valid reason or owing to human tendency of diving fellow human beings in low, high and other strata. 

Modern society has given new meanings to Pariah and often include people who do not live by their rule (force dominance) or the norms as laid by them for their own good. A living example of such law makers/ enforcers in current society is Khap Panchayat. Who for no rhyme or reason, dictates their judgement which is often invalid, illegal and unjust over other people and manipulate their lives for their own gains. Few such dictates are-
1. Inter caste marriage
2. Enforced child marriage
3. Monopoly of rich over poor
4. Caste based ostracism

When I was young, my uncle has educated me about such practices and in an earnest request asked me to never practice ostracism of any sort nor play favorites to people while excluding minority for majority. In his own words , he said- Pl stay away from bhedchaal (crowd mentality) and whenever possible try to look situation from a minority point of view as well. 

Ostracism as I always said, is like a disease, an actual mental disease that a person with low self morals, low strength and lesser compassion exercise on others. It is a blind blanket that we human often wear to hide our own weakness and display our lack of empathy towards the world.

Whoa! with no intention to preach, I humbly pass on my request to all my readers to stay away from Ostracism of any kind and be Alive, respectful and Inclusive of fellow human being's needs and existence on earth. Cheers!
The above Haiku(s) and post is written for-
A to Z Blogging Challenge- prompt alphabet- P
Haiku Heights- Prompt word- Pariah
Three Words Wednesday- Prompt words- Trust, Destruction, Endure

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  1. You said it, it is a disease! :-( And we should pity all who are suffering with it.

    And, I cannot get over your lovely cover pic :)

    1. Thanks sooo much Aarti! :) I am flattered...I guess that was the last time when I looked good...heehee

  2. Lovely haiku - the first one is my favourite. Nicely done.

  3. I liked the haiku :)
    And the thought behind it...

  4. Anonymous18 April

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  5. Unseen on skin, aches in heart! True!

    1. Thanks Pranita...finally someone noticed that line :)

  6. strong lines and good title of the post

  7. You really used the prompt well! Those aches on the heart can be so painful and could easily be avoided.

  8. A very thoughtful post. Loved all your Haikus.

  9. Lack of compassion is, unfortunately, very common.

    Haiku Pariah

  10. As a person with mental illness (bipolar disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder) I very much know what it is to be a pariah. You hit the nail on the head!

  11. Wonderful haikus...a good subject to reflect upon.

  12. Anonymous18 April

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  13. Thought provoking haiku ...rang a bell somewhere that it is time to change !

  14. A very beautiful cascade of haiku, loved it instantly, deep and so touching.
    Loved the lines 'Is difference bigger than bonding' - thought provoking!

  15. Anonymous19 April

    Nice. Wonderful Haiku and a good subject! :)

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  16. Very powerful lines here ... something to think about for the entire society !!!

  17. Powerful, powerful. So glad your uncle was such a positive influence on you.

  18. Anonymous19 April

    Powerful powerful haikus excellent job

  19. Very powerful words to live by.


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