The miner who found Gold!

July 16, 2013 32 Comments

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                                                                                         photo by Agustin Berrocal 

Dig deep and deep
he was told
the more your dig deeper
you may find gold

he wore anxiety and a feather
on his hat
he went even probing further down,
still no luck, drat!

Until one day,
when he decided to return
to where he belonged
his own bretheren

"Don't give up"
advised the caves
"give it another chance"
make a new way and pave

he gave in to temptations
and resumed back
went further down the mine
On a new track

He saw some light
he chased the flow
the trail took him farther
and deeper did he go

He reached a shadow
from where the light spring
he digged by his hands
shovel and wring

"All that glitters 
is not gold"
he remembered 
what the wise-men told

He did not stop
and went ahead on search
he saw some coal
he halted & perch

Inside he found
what glistened his eyes
squeezed his heart
gushing in to seven skies

sealed with stones
pebbles strewn all around
beneath the dirty coal powder
finally treasure he found.

"I found my gold"
said he
treasure sparkled his sight
his efforts were made worthy.

life is not all about
mere triumph over digging gold
it is also to embrace and en-light
with visions unseen; wisdom untold.

the light that shone
beneath the pebbles bright
that was the rippling peels of knowledge
that renewed his vision, reaped delight

"the gold is in you
why go wild goose chase
refine it further o' human
soak in and engage"

"search no where
but your deep dive your heart
for it is the basic principle
of all things to close, all things to start."

"The day you conquer self
you will find bigger Gold
Be your own alchemist
Be your own Gold!"


This instant on-spot poem was created on the picture promt (as pasted above) for Magpie Tales.
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  1. Hi

    thats a lovely poem..spiritual and flowing! keep writing :)

    1. Thanks so much A S :)

      You have a beautiful blog!

  2. Yes, the day one conquers the self will be the day of enlightenment. Appreciate your talent!

    1. Thanks so much Ranjana :) I am feeling good :)

  3. Nice poetry. Every mind is a gold mine; has something precious. But, unfortunately, we never like to dig the mind and bring out the treasure troves.

  4. WOW!! What a poem... Refine it O'human..soak in and engage...the gold is in you...

    Aptly said... yes it is in us but we have to dig deep for that and for that to happen takes years of struggle which we somehow neglect for that quick buck of money.

    Dropping by Writing on the go

  5. Anonymous19 July

    Hey I love this space you 've created here - professional ! The poetry is raw and rich. Fantastic

    1. Tanks so much innerdialect! keep visiting!

  6. Anonymous19 July

    My first time visiting your blog, and here I found a lot of interesting content .. thanks for sharing ...

  7. Very well written!

  8. "Life is not all about
    mere triumph over digging gold
    it is also to embrace and en-light
    with visions unseen; wisdom untold." - So very true.

    PS: I loved your new blog layout.

    1. Thanks so much Amrit. great to see u back :)

  9. As always Ekta, you have given us an excellent poem. Meaningful also. Eureka.

  10. Anonymous21 July

    This is super enlightening poem ... so true .. taming oneself is the easiest map to riches materialistic and spiritual
    kudos Ekta !! Super Like !! Inspiring read !

    1. Thanks so much mysay! My job was to write what I felt and it is my friends like you who make the effort worthwhile. Can't express what good your comments do to me. Thanks buddy :)

  11. This poem should be shown to the HUGE crowd involved in FIXING arranged marriages. There is a faint chance that some minuscule amount of illegal money laundering (in the name of DOWRY) might be prevented.

    Destination Infinity

    1. Wow! that's an interesting way to draw inference. Yes truly indeed. Tis should be shown to spine less men who leave their bride for mere dowry or girls who think they cant get marry without huge dowry!

  12. Anonymous22 July

    patience and hard work . Patience tuff thing always working on it.. but yeah once we are able to achieve it glory isn't away .
    Thumbs up for your poem.

    "This instant on-spot poem was created on the picture promt (as pasted above)"
    That's really good stuff ! for an instant thot !

    1. Thanks so much! Keep visiting! :)

  13. So very true....the gold is in EACH person. No need to seek. Nice to see you at Poets United. Hope you will enjoy your time with us and visit others as well.

    1. Thanks so much! You have a lovely forum Mary!

  14. Anonymous22 July

    Gorgeous and thought-provoking =)


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