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February 02, 2014 12 Comments

Once upon a time, there lived 3 friends. they were- Write, Inspire and Network.

Together they lived in the country called "Blog-land". Now blogland was a newly developed country and by any means, second to none. It was fast emerging as another superpower in the world, inviting many a talented prospective citizens fondly known as "Bloggers".

The land of blogging was vast, rich in culture and offered manifold prospective to all its citizen. There were many sects and states of "blogging" like Creative writing, Cooking, Sports, Technology etc etc...Each admitted basis citizen's interest and demonstrated abilities and no other biases irrespective of caste, economic condition, past life, number of fingers etc were allowed .

The three friends- Write, Inspire and Network went hand in hand and went together. Wherever one go, the rest two will follow. Their love enriched by each passing day and soon "blogging" became a cosmopolitan country that made the world stand up and take notice.

They say where there is opportunity, opportunists strike as well. Something similar happened in the reserved demography of "blogging" where few opportunist stroked and disturbed the quality and balance of the place. It caused a rift amid all including those 3 friends and diluted the essence that was much the backbone of the "blogging" Republican.

Soon bloggers started drifting from blog-land and searching for a shift elsewhere. They grew highly suspicious of each other's behaviors, formed their cartels and started revolting against the Blogland Republic. The situation turned chaotic and grave with sincere citizens moving out of the country.  The unison of Write, Inspire and Network took all together a different meaning and it was never the genuine self again.

Do not lose heart. Like all good stories with happy endings and a "Knight in shining armor", this story too got it's happy ending and a "knight", a "hero" of its own. The Hero was not one person but a group of people who joined hand and vowed to create a better environment. They together formed a cartel and took the torch in their hands. "We shall be the beacon and lead the change" was their motto!

Soon they launched a platform that democratically took care of interest of all citizens of the "blogging" nation. They tried different things to entice all kind of citizens. They fondly named it "Adda" [a place] so that it merged well with one and all. Some started calling them "ada" [style in English, given their unique value propositions & flair].

To keep the interests of everyone alive, they created multiple channels like writing contests, inspiring creative writing weekends, networking bloggers review program. They recently added a new feather to their fat hat of achievements and attempts. The feather was named- WIN 2014, to commemorate the spirit of 3 friends "Write, Inspire and Network".

Yes WIN i.e. Write, Inspire and Network. The same old three friends who once formed the essence, the life of the "blogging" nation. They were combined and bring to life in a hope to change the face of "blogland democracy" and reward it's citizens by inspiring and encouraging.

Well that was a short story of "blogging" and "bloggers". Bloggers across India are celebrating their first WIN in Mumbai this year at 8th February. I am honored to be among the top 5 nominated bloggers in "Creative Writing" Category and I may join them to bring together their extravaganza on 8th Feb 2014. How about you? Wanna come? well you must!

Do join me there. The details are available at- See ya there! :)
This post has been written as  part of the WIN ’14 Activity at BlogAdda

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  1. With this post you've ensured that the award goes to you, Ekta! :)

    Arvind Passey

  2. I have visited your blog a few times Ekta, and now can't resist saying that its an unassuming, refreshing piece of artwork!

    1. Dear Saket,
      Thank you is perhaps a small word to bring forth my appreciation for the wonderful boost up and compliment that you have passed to me. It really means a lot to me that people who read my blogs, likes them too. I am glad that I met wonderful people/bloggers like you in the blogsphere. Stay precious, stay connected :)

  3. All the best and looks like its coming your way.

    1. Thanks Athenas Take :)
      It's all the fruit of good friends like you who makes my blog popular and provide me all encouragement through out. Stay connected!

  4. Wonderful... Loved the writing and the thought.

    1. Thanks so much Ashwini..Thank you for joing me on GFC. Stay connected! :)


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