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February 25, 2014 23 Comments

India Today and Indiblogger asked me what winning to me is and could not help but reply- Redemption.

Yes winning to me is a "redemption"..it is a sweet assumption of the fact that my efforts, my belief do not go unrewarded all the time. Winning tells me that Yes I too can do it and it counts me in too.

Winning to me is many a splendor thing. It is like a sky bursting with joys in form of sun rays and sky sprinkling joy in brightness of moon lite. Winning to me is indeed that "ray of hope", that "silver lining" in the dark, in the bright sky.

#IWinThereforeIAM #IWinThereforeIStruggle #IStruggleThereforeIWin

Would you believe me if I say- I had an epiphany some days back? Yes it was during that initial hour of the day unlike the one that I barely remembered that happened 20years back when I met with my accident.

I do not remember what happened when I met with my accident. All I remember was I woke up to a crying face of my little brother who was dismayed with my brutalized body and still trying to be consoled with my mourning mother who was putting a brave face to assure me that everything will be alright. My younger brother's and mother' crying faces brought me to that brief while sensibility when I said, I cant live without you and asking what happened to me? Why are they crying? My mother consoled, nothing happened, just do not open your eyes and sleep, you will be fine. She was afraid that if I do not listen to her, I may see my accident torment body and before I could sense the pain, it is better I sleep back. Getting me treated, hospitalized was "#Winning" for her that hour.

When I finally woke up to my full senses again at hospital and realized that how my life has changed and how the never resting me can now not even move her finger, I did no tears, I did no question. The only thing that I asked my doctor was- Will I ever be able to walk again? For me that moment, the ability to stand up and ability to walk, was #Winning for me.

This is how I wanted to tell you what #Winning to us is, case by case, time by time.

Oh Yes, in my recent, well recalled "epiphany" I see no God with flute or with cross, I saw a person who I met in bewilderness. He told me many a thing that I do not remember. All I remember was- I must keep going my way and the ways will find me. My victory will be my #Redemption.

Winning to me is not just self gratification but personification of all that I believe in, all that I strive for and all that I achieve- good or not so good. I have win them after all.

Winning to me is personal, it is a noun indeed, it is an adjective that is my objective and it is one of the most cherished verb.

What winning to me is?
Winning to me is +amitabh bachhan An unusual superstar with a baritone that set him apart from anyone else. He has proven to world, the power of talent, the power of talent powerhouse. Someone how did not get deterred by not winning for not just once but 7 times in his initial movie career, turn the world around him, around. Winning to me is an adage set by this actor par excellence who proved that- there is no age to winning, no right time and no limit.

Winning to me is @Ahmed Rashid, the terror reporter who has win against his crusade to gather information and share it in forms of books. He won when Taliban, his work became a best seller.

Winning to me is +Arvind Kejriwal a symbolic rise of a common man who within him held the power to chnge the face of India Politics and lead by example. When he won the recent elections and took the position of heart of the country- Delhi as CM, the entire world stood and saluted.

Winning to me is +Deepika Padukone, an actress who dared to rule the male dominated industry by carving her own niche, giving her best. She won when her films, one after another with variety of roles went ahead and became blockbuster, all in succession, all in jubiliation.

Winning to me +Vasundhra Raje, the respectable CM of the cultural heartland of India- Rajasthan. She epitomizes the power of present Indian woman who is not just a princess but an iron in herself when it comes to public serving. She won when she reclaimed her position back.

Wining to me is @Rakesh Maria, the supercop, the chief of Anti terrorist Squad of Maharastra whose name needs no introduction and shown his ability to lead, to win by tracking various tracks of spiritful city of Mumbai. He won when people said, Mumbai is safe place for women.

Winning to me is @Maysoon Zayid, an american actress, comedian and advoacte of Palestinian descent. She did not let her disability, her gender or any cliche pull her back. When she wins, a lot like us feel triumph too.

Winning to me is @Anil Agarwal , founder of Sterlite Industries, an Indian businessmen from Patna who also founded UK based Vedanta Technologies.

Winning to me is @Shivraj Singh Chouhan who proved that winning is not a "luck by chance"  but a habit that made him not once, nor twice but thrice the CM for a state like MP. His leadership didn't just restricted to land but flown through rivers of Narmada and Shipra that he joined in Ujjain to work out water shortage at one place.

Winning to me is like blood that rush through all my veins, from powering my feet to my brain. Winning is never in vain. Winning is so much more.Winning to me like like this little poem that I penned when I was in school and on threshold of failure that soon lead me into winning. Here's few excerpts-

For Hopes never strangles
the breaths of faith
darker and darker the path,
True armor lays awake

For dreams won't shatter
If it is awaken to realize
& work towards attainment
Let my faith accomplice

For legs stops shivering,
goes all the butterflies
When soul access determination
and stood up for what heart underlies

For giving up is a folly
and cowardice, a cardinal sin
A Winner Never Quits
Quitter never wins!
[A poem by Ekta Khetan]

Like I said earlier, winning to me is many a splendor thing, many a splendor feats, personified.
Winning is seeing, finding and attaining that light in the end of the tunnel
Winning is an ultimate redemption!!


conclave-logo_350_031612094601This post is written by me in effort to win an entry to the winning for India Today Conclave 2014 where the above and many others leaders from different walks of life will join, speak and attend towards a common passion- Winning. Winning, a renewal of our covenant with future, winning is being alive. I want to live and I want to win. Life is beautiful, life is a winning prize. Win your Life!

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  1. Excellent post. Loved reading it. Winning to me is my mom who struggled to raise 6 kids while dad was away at work in a different city on a poor salary.

    1. Thanks so much SG, esp for sharing your story here. Indeed your mom is a great woman and here's a salute to her!!!

  2. This is undoubtedly a winning post! loved the reference of prominent people like Vasundra Raje and Arvind Kejriwal. A winner never quits and quitters never win - pretty much sums it all.

    1. Thanks Bhavya, it really feels good and loved to get such remarks from friends and wonderful co-bloggers like you. Whether I win this or not, I am happy that someone out there reads my posts, likes my work without any marketing, without much networking, that to me is a prize in itself :)

  3. Nice one. From the heart. I know this is a topic you are really passionate about.

    1. Thanks Karthik :) Yeah Winning has altogether a new meaning for me. Sometime it is my best tool to prove my detractors wrong and show the world that "I too can". Winning is that friend, that family, that partner that I never had.

  4. Not quite sure how I ended up here, but loved reading this "dil-se" post. The references to some of the "path-makers" of modern India and the world aptly sums up what winning means to you. Great post and good luck :)

    1. From wherever have you landed...You have landed at the right place :)
      Stay tuned and am so glad that you liked my post. Thank you and be a friend of numerounity.

  5. Read this word by word, slowly, and truly must say, very intriguing passionate take and looks like your post has hit the chord on the right strings immaculately. Best wishes from heart..

    1. Thats very very lovely of you to say, Rio...Thanks so much! God bless.

  6. Well thought out passionate post. I've had a fractured leg once and a hip problem from a bike driving into me another time, but really nothing ever as serious as what you've been through. But still, I can totally relate to family being crazily worried :) Anyway, hope you keep winning and overcoming the effects of that accident.

    For me winning is a lot of things. It depends on the stage of life you're at. When I had nothing going right and first got into puzzles and did ok? Winning was surprise, because by that time anything good happening was kinda not in my system. When I went for a World Championship the first time, winning was self-belief, because I knew I'm actually good, not just some one-off fluke. When I won the Indian Championships, winning was justification, kinda like an "I'm here to stay" feeling. When I was chosen as an author for the World Puzzle Championships and that was a success, that wasn't anything but pure happiness. Now it's just become a game of topping the last year each year, and I think it's a nice challenge to take up.

    1. That is really inspirational Prasanna. Thank you for sharing this. I would like to know more about you, it is really very interesting and awe-inspiring. Whoa! I have a champ here! :) Pl stay connected.

  7. Excellent post. Loved reading it line by line. You do epitomize a winner in life. Keep going.

    1. Thanks so much Jayanta...Your words are very encouraging indeed. Stay tuned to numerounity. It is indeed a privilege to have such supportive and encouraging readers here!

  8. Lovely and inspiring Ekta, Winning to me is learning and implementing few lessons I learnt from all the people like u !
    Winning to me is the realisation that many face hardships with a brave face and I too can face them with a smile
    Lovely post
    I pray for u to win !

    1. That's indeed sweet and gracious of you, Afshan! You have been a wonderful friend that I discovered via blogging and totally echoes your thoughts on winning too! The results are out and my triumph came in form of courage, appreciation and love from precious friends like you :)

  9. its a beautiful post Ekta, you wrote it wid Dil Se and it reached to every Dil. we all r winner in our own ways, u reminded us this simple yet hidden fact. all the best fr contest.

    1. That;s indeed a gem from you, Bhavana. Appreciate your support, love and unconditional bond :) Stay precious, stay tuned :)

  10. Beautifully worded Ekta, winning is not about the recognition or awards, it is about not giving up each time we fall while chasing our dreams, rising above our failures each time, not afraid to chase your dreams, your belief. Winning is about being able to look at yourself in the mirror without even the faintest of regret or remorse for you have given your best. Good luck for the contest.

  11. Great post and all the way from the heart... very well written Ekta! Wishing you all the best for the contest... for us you are already a winner.

  12. This is a winner post and that poem comes straight from the heart of a tough nut. Ekta, you are inspiring and courageous. God bless :)

  13. Wow.. Loved it, I think you are one of the five to go to that "Divine" event, we all wanna go. :)
    All the best

    you can read mine on http://thoughtsaboveall.blogspot.in

  14. Straight from ur heart..good one


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