A Poetry on #Selfie

October 12, 2014 , 10 Comments

Self-portrait, Vivian Maier 

"Look within self", said the inner voice
"That's my Alter ego", she surmise
and peeped inside the mirror
to see if that reflected.

"Oh there are layers to it.
Or is it the mirror that lies?
Nah! Mirrors are not human
but its human that design mirrors".

She looked between the layers
she threw some thoughtful lights

Against the blue walls
and printed facades
She emerged farther from herself
the farther she went, 
the irony in best,
mirror reflected her image
closer and intact 

That artificial light, hold across her head
appeared as Halo in LED.
at the farther end of her image.
Come closer, the aura is dim nothing
but artificial flashlights
that a! She held in her hand tight!
to look herself in better light
or portray her image in flash light

"Are these mirrors telling me something"? She amazed
at the double entendre mirror played
with her image
or is it her image
that tricked mirror to effects
that she liked to capture
In her self designed portrait picture.

Abandoning introspection, she clicked
the shutter, the aperture's lens blinked.

Ah! That was the picture that she clicked,
that was the image she tricked
with Camera and mirror
Selfie(s) are such a fad!
Over the generations it stayed.

You think it rhymes with Selfish?
Ah! Well no wonder it is so popular.
No wonder it such a mass affair
We click what we want to portray
Using mirrors often to betray
Click more Selfie (s), far and close
introspect the reality and bridge the gap.
Yes Selfie rhymes with selfish
but at the end of day, its meant to be disclose

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. I like the path that you took, and yes indeed disclosure is everything these days! Nicely written, and quite thought provoking.

  2. I will be interesting to see how long the selfie fad lasts...

  3. I like this. Interesting perspective that selfies are selfish but yet they tell the viewers something. I like the flow of this, too.

  4. Selfie and Selfish ... never thought of the link ... but you brought it out so wonderfully ... brilliantly written :-)

  5. Vivian emerged farther from herself , but knew the way back ! Unlike many of her modern day successors , it seems ...this made me think

  6. "We click what we want to portray
    Using mirrors often to betray"

    and the ending line - "many to disclose" - and sometimes they do. I end up deleting people from my instagram if "selfies" is all they do. I find it totally boring for the most part. Of course, an original, artistic one is great - like the one above!

  7. Hi Ekta ~~ I like this and your selfie is real nice. I have a similar one, taken at a chicken street restaurant in London. Generally I get good reviews when I, though seldom do, post one. Most times though their isn't much redeeming quality is looking at one, the poses aren't great, the lighting is atrocious, just plain not a good picture.
    Nicely written, clever approach too.

  8. Interesting, yes, the focus is the self, and not just with selfies either.

  9. Being an empty nester, I take selfies and share. I think it's a nice way if keeping in touch. But hey. I agree with the production direction issues you mention in your poem. The selfie does give us the selfish 'movie making' edge.

    Much love...


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