Autumn in Madeira

October 01, 2014 , 3 Comments

Autumn in Madeira by Jacek Yerka 
He painted a landscape
dunk in surrealism
Of orange, Yellow, green and
all hues of Autumn

He painted a small hill
in middle of green meadows
Hill that sheltered some wooden houses
One of them has a car, ensconced through the pasture road

He painted trees- tall, dark,
lean, leaned above the condominium layout.
giving lengths to birds for Burrows
and falling leaves to prairies' clout.

He painted Autumn, Autumn in Madeira
Set against the muggy skies.
Ah! It is such a beautiful sight!

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  1. Like some forgotten , obscure corner of the Soviet Empire in the early nineties , Tarkovsky would have called it " the zone " , except now it exists in the United States


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