That Girl in White Socks

October 30, 2014 6 Comments

Pic Courtesy: Magpie 243

Black Coffee, honey, Lemon tea
Jam, Jelly and Crispy brown Toasts.
Spread all over the floor.
Is it a cafe or sign of
Winter gluttony?

Err, Ahem, No
fumbled the girl whose socks were no more yellow.
as she stood up from her place
under the cellar room,
to lit up the room furnace
that was once used
to warm pizza dough
now a mere toasting stove.

She stood up from her place
tied her arms in self embrace,
curled her foot over the other
and said
Umm I meant no offense
Winter has come,
and like those polar bears in Alaska,
I have plans, to hibernate

Unfortunately in city of Mumbai
Coldness is plenty, but no winters
I wanted to experience
how would it be,
if winter it was.

This poem was in response to picture prompt by Magpie tales.
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