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October 19, 2014 1 Comments

Ria was leaving for office and thought of checking if her daughter has finished eating breakfast or not. As she looked over the table, she found Jia’ breakfast plate totally filled, untouched. She was shocked to see her daughter’s falling appetite and summoned her quickly. Jia came from her room promptly on her mother’s behest but she was dull as ever and found difficult climbing the dining chair given her feeble weight. Ria, worried over her daughter’s falling health, left her car keys aside and sat on the table in bid to make her 6 year old daughter take a proper meal.

The little girl looked over the contents in her plates and started making faces. Like a lot of other girls of her age, she resisted eating greens and yellows in her plate. She has built a strong disliking towards milk and would only eat chips and cold drinks. Chips and cold drinks? Well they are not a very healthy thing to eat and are definitely not a substitute for nutrition. Since Ria was a working mother, she insisted to have her daughter fed a substantial meal before she leaves for her work. Today was no different.

She tried doing different recipes in a bid to make her daughter eat. She even made spinach-peas Samosa, Pasta with mixed vegetable sauce, but often find her daughter skim through the portions wherein she will pick only samosa crust and leave the filling aside, and pasta pieces, wiping the sauce with kitchen tissues.  As a result, Jia started falling sick often and that had started showing on her behavior. Jia started getting cranky over small issues and would often get tired easily. Her activities level fell down drastically and the usual “happy go lucky” Jia, who was the candy of all eyes, started behaving remorse and difficult. The worried parents took her to doctors and all of them said the same thing that Jia’s diet has to be managed. Ria’s husband Rajiv was a corporate honcho who would be often travelling abroad for work. Last week he missed his flight to Frankfurt as he was busy rushing Jia to doctor late that evening. Their social life too has taken a backseat and their casual leaves, to attend the ailing Jia were also on high side. In short their family life has turned restless, hectic and unhappy.
When he returned this morning from his trip, he saw a worried Ria nagging their daughter to eat her food. AS soon as Jia saw her father coming, she kept the spoon aside and rushed to hug her father. Papa Papa she yelled from the table. The doting father ran forward and took his darling daughter in his arms. He glanced at his worried wife and signaled her to calm down. When Jia asked what her father bougt for her from his trip, he took her near his suitcase, opened and took out two medium size paper bag from it and asked Jia to choose one.

“How can I choose without knowing what is in the bag papa. It is so not fair” quipped the young girl.

“Hmmm, you are right” said her father and opened one bag which was full of medicines, syrups and injections. The daughter was shocked to see and said- “So many medicines papa?”

“Yes honey, the way you are falling sick and not eating your food properly, you may need to eat lot of these medicines. Also, let me tell you that they are very bitter. And the injections will become painful when doctors will give it on your little bum again and again.”

“Oops, what is the other choice papa?”

“Well the other choice is a spoon of chywanprash. Just one spoon every day post your food and you will be strong girl. Now choice is yours, baby” said the father

“If I eat a spoon of it every day post food, I will become healthy, papa? Then I need not have to eat these medicines and the one in my room”.

“No you may not have to eat any medicines as you will become healthy” Said the father

“If I become healthy, you will become happy papa”

Yes, If you become healthy, you will be happy. If you become happy, we all will be happy” said the doting father.
The girl noded in affirmation and ran back to the dining table where her mother was waiting to feed her. Jia without making any faces further, started eating the spinach – pulse soup, all by herself. She realized that her parents are unhappy with her health and if she becomes healthy, her family will become happy. After all, A healthy child makes a happy home.

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  1. Need to understand the value of right eating helps in long run as you rightly highlighted , Ekta! Best wishes for the contest!


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