Speed Thrills but....

November 16, 2014 , , 12 Comments

Source: Magpie Tales [picture prompt]
The Roads have never been as smoother
and inviting
Faster and faster I trotted
on my baby, riding.
Speed is such a thrill!

The night was dark
and the streets were half bright
I drove my machine
accelerating it in my upright.
Speed Thrills!

"This is smooth man"
"let's go faster as we can"
Yelled my co passengers
their enthusiasm got no end.
Speed thrills, my dear friend

We were drunk on the speed
and liquor fueled our spirits high.
coming back from the night club,
our car stereos refused to die.
Speed is such a music to heart..
and Speed Thrills...

"Faster" and "faster" the vehicle zoomed
it rode the road vroom-vroom,
caution thrown to winds,
seat belts went off the latch.
we took an alternate speed,
quite hard to match.
Youth's ethos is speed
After all, Speed Thrills

we heard no plea,
no brakes, no limits
and no mercy to the roads,
until the hard reality hit us
when the car came to screeching halt.

The thrilling speed shifted a new gear
and the giant went upside down,
up in the air, rolling somersault.
no one realized till  end
The mighty scorpio turned toad.

Alas! it was too late
for us to stop and set things straight.
The blood came rushing,
bursting from nerves,
gushing from reins.
and the inscrutable pain,
that knew no boundary, knew no end.

Man! It was neither thrilling.
It was ghastly and spine chilling.
bodies disfigured, lives lost.
Speed came with irrecoverable cost.

Road safety ain't any fanciful frill
Speed thrills
it also kills.

Drive Safely and responsibly!
even though if
no one is waiting for you at Home.


Everyday there are increased incidents of road accidents are reported. Many lives are lost in these accidents and many, gets handicapped for lives. One worst part of such accidents is, often it happens due to someone else' negligence. Accidents are very expensive, avoid them for cheap thrills. They say- Its better late, than never.

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. Better late than never.

    1. Hmm true! You came late...after long time. All well?

  2. Wow! What a horrible scenario! ! Good read for beginners drivers!

  3. that is such a nice take on the prompt..loved it!

  4. Excellent advice...she said sheepishly...knowing how she loves to drive fast...


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