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November 19, 2014 2 Comments

Aditi and Keshav are two fast paced, high flying architects who believed in minimal designing and optimal utilization of spaces. Together they run their own architectural design house- The Personal Touch.

The Personal Touch was their first of it's kind entrepreneurial venture that they were planning since they were studying design and interior at INIFD. The concept was to create homes from houses by adding elements of individuals appeal and touch. "We build emotions in bricks and Mortar" was their logo. Everybody builds houses and almost everyone in the market is boasting about creating "homes" out of "houses", so where is the differentiation that we will bring in this already "done to death" notion? Argued Keshav during their initial crowd-sourcing discussion that they had with angel investors for procuring the initial seed capital for their dream venture. 

Aditi smiled and responded by presenting a file to the investors wherein she had neatly placed the pictures and testimonials of sample houses that they designed for their first few clients. "Let our do work do the talking sir" said a confident Aditi. The investors were bound to get impressed with her art works wherein she had designed a baby's room for the "newly born" parents. Instead of throwing random colors and famous animation caricatures, Aditi had helped the doting parents take the mold caste of the infants hands and feet, via an expert and, framed it in a lovely stand atop the walls. The idea clicked with the investors and they agreed to invest in Aditi and Keshav's dream venture.

“The Touch” concept clicked and since then, there was no looking back for Aditi and Keshav whose designed appeared regularly in the “Architectural Design” and they soon emerged in the top young designers to watch for.

As the business grew, and with increased popularity and client demand, the couple started spending more and more time at their work and assignments and that took a toll on their personal life. They did not realize when their passion to beat the market by irrelevance has taken over their relationship which started losing the steam. It was their intimate relationship and passion of being together that brought them forth and made them going. However, with lack of personal time and space, the passion between the two started fizzling out. Soon they started having difference of opinions over things. The couple who shared a brilliant chemistry once upon a time and were known to think on same lines, were soon started seeing in different directions. It started showing impacts on their assignments and thereby resulted in loss of a very prestigious project that they have been eyeing since the beginning.

It was pure difference in opinion. It was not that they lost their sense of design or that they started liking alternate arts. They still liked/disliked the same things however the unsaid understanding between them seem to be blurred eventually. They could not realize what has gone wrong until that evening when Keshav was hit by a bad viral and hospitalized. “I hate hospitals, they make me even sick” said the coughing Keshav who had to let go of an important meeting due to his increasingly bad health. Aditi volunteered to attend that meeting on Keshav’s behalf but she returned mid-way worrying about leaving the erring Keshav alone in the hospital.

When she reached the hospital, she found Keshav struggling with high temperature. She rushed in to doctor who gave an injection to Keshav to bring down his fever and asked Aditi to keep hot-cold water strips on his head till his temperature comes to the prescribed limits. A worried Aditi left everything and sit aside his bed to keep changing the water strips. As the night grew, Keshav’s fever refused to come down and he was in delirium. A worried Aditi leaned near his bed, took his hands in hers, brought his head to close to her lap and kept caressing his head for the whole night. She did not realized when the dark turned into dawn, and she fell deep asleep holding him. She was woken up by the visiting doctor’s knock on the door. The doctor came in to check for Keshav’s temperature and amazed to see his recovery. “You are very lucky, Aditi. Normally a patient like this takes minimum 2-3 days of hospitalization and utmost medication to regain back to normalcy. Your husband is able to recuperate over night. Thank your stars”.

“Well Doctor, it is not Aditi but it is me who is lucky to have wife like Aditi, who has helped me recover” replied Keshav, with a sense of comfort and pride.

“I don’t know what I had done, doctor. All I did was to be on his side while your medicines did their job” said Aditi.

“You have done Miracle Aditi. It was not my medicines but your ‘presence’ and “touch” that have worked wonders for your husband. Medicines does not achieve what a simple human touch does. And who other than you two lovely designers can understand that better. By the way, congratulations. I am sure you will do a wonderful job as always for this project” said the winking doctor while handling the morning newspaper to Aditi which broadcasted the announcement of a very prestigious project that was been rewarded to Aditi and Keshav’s firm “The Personal Touch”.

Aditi and Keshav read the news and looked each other’s eyes and said in unison- “Naah! No new assignment for a month now. This month we are busy doing a long pending project of ours. It’s our “#BringBackTheTouch” project, our personal project to revive, reignite and rekindle the spark between us. After all, we need to build a repository of “Touch, feel and sense” before we pass it on the world. Right Aditi?” Asked Keshav by launching his hand ahead of Aditi.

“100 per cent” said Aditi who smiled and gave her ailing husband a hi five.

This short fictional story is written in an emphasis to #BringBackTheTouch . Hope you liked it. Here's leaving you with a beautiful video by Parachute- the name synonymous to 100% pure hair and body care in India.

Do watch and share your feedback. Also, if you have a personal story to share, do let us know. Thanks.

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  1. A beautiful love story that perfectly shows the emphasis of touch :-)

  2. Ekta you have given a new value to the endorsement beyond touch...true love and soulmate.


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