Hunting Big Game

November 03, 2014 , 21 Comments

image credit:  Dick Blick Art

What if love replaces violence
and life replaces bloodshed
Hatred scrubbed away by love
what if?

Lets stop killing
in the name of religion
or leisure hunting

What if soldiers turn down their guns
and replace them with flowers?
No bullets will be fired
only cameras will do the shooting!

Let's flashback to the era
and freeze all the frames
replacing ammunition
that bring mankind a shame,
replacing it with flowers,
with bright colors petal and stem

What if a predator
becomes a prey's empathetic friend?
what if you you use only lenses
for hunting the big game!

The poem is in response to the picture prompt given by magpie. The thought's are author's own. And a plea to stop killing and respect co existence.

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. A fine thought, well expressed...

  2. Being one of the youngest , most immature species on the planet , i am beginning to hold grave fears for we semi domesticated sometimes social primates ; i think we should take a leaf from blue green algae ...much older and definitely much wiser ...

  3. Excellent concept well expressed

  4. Today's terrorists, if they win their cause, will be called freedom fighters tomorrow.

    1. Huh! what freedom do they seek by killing innocence and for what?

  5. I'm two hands for this idea! x

  6. Anonymous04 November

    Lofty words. When humans will ever understand what is needed is love and not hatred!

  7. If only.....thought provoking for sure! :-)

  8. Alas, nothing more than wishful thinking.

    1. To wish is first step, one can always take it forward. NO matter how small the scale is. Difference is difference at the end of the day :)

  9. Love the passion in your write!

  10. Beautiful ponderings...

  11. This was not a review. Please read a post before promoting your posts or commenting them.

  12. Anonymous11 November

    Well composed!


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