Nursery Rhymes

November 23, 2014 2 Comments

“What one loves in childhood stays in the heart forever.”

I agree no less. Though choices keeps on changing and remolding, few things are always special and hold a special, distinctive place in our heart, forever. Some things makes us child again, well some things, are best associated with childhood. 

I remember how as kids, we always wanted to grow up fast, from school to college to work, and doing all those things that was associated with being elders. Hah! Those days. Today we ache to be kids again. No office, college, no pressures but we lost in our world of fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Nursery Rhymes. Yes, How often do you remember or get to hear nursery rhymes in our day to day life? Oops unless we have kids in our house, and more interestingly the kids in the house who still like and value the presence and importance of something as entertaining however, deep in meaning- Nursery rhymes over- Baby Doll Mein Sone ki or Lungi Dance. 

No offense to the popular nos above. Just reminiscing the lost era of nursery rhymes and wonder why they do not create them anymore? Anyways, when Blogadda in Association with Kids Hut by music Magnet T Series asked "to choose 2 favorite rhyme/ story and write about your memories and morals that are associated with them".

It got me no thinking as I had written above that some of the  nursery rhymes had deeper meaning, something that I learnt during my high school years. Well not the rhymes but the deeper meanings :)

There is a huge list of Nursery Rhymes. The playlist could be found here- Kids Hut

Here's the two of my favorite from the youTube Channel of Kids Huts-

1) Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty was not just an egg shaped figurine but impersonation of a political figure/ issue back there. I would not name the person or details of the dark origin. I loved this rhyme for the song, the tune, the lyrics and the fact that "humpty dumpty" makes a goof personal reference if you want to use for a bully. hahaha

2) London Bridge is Falling down

Now if you recall, in our childhood, a lot of us had that small palm size pocket Piano, operated by a small flat cell. It used to come in Blue and pink colors and the meager keys would make interesting tones plus time pass and also an object of affection oops read collection during those days. Let me tell you the song has reference to political scenario of England and the Queen. I loved the creative way that they used to coin the major issue during that era in a simple play like rhymes for circulation. The adoption in nursery rhymes and kids as TG was an interesting. Is that what they call- Bachche bacche ki zubaan pe? [On every child's mouth]

There were several other favorites too.  What's your favorite? D let me know

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