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"She looked through her little eyes
towards the lamp burning bright
Amid the din, merriment & chaos
she looks for joy and many more"

Subhanshi is a baby girl born in a household where girl child is considered a bane and are often killed as fetus or just born. Her mother Kaushalya was worried when nurse told her its a girl. She was weak, feeble and above all have no stand in her patriarch family. She worried for her daughter's life, so much that she asked the doctor to hide away her new born and tell her in laws that she gave birth to a still born child. "That way at least my daughter will remain alive" said Kaushalya. Hesitant yet understanding her plight, the doctor accept to volunteer her cause. She asked the nurse to take the child to incubator so that she can give to a child less couple in ward no 7 post Kaushalya' permission. Few minutes after when nurse left with the baby, It's then Kaushalya' husband came forth carrying their little one in his arms. "She is our love born. So what if she is girl, she is my girl! I shall fight with society but wouldn't let the right of a girl to live strangled for baseless biases. Ah look she has a hole in cheeks- a dimple". He said admiring the little girl in his hands. Kaushalya felt she is born again. This festival brought a lot more to celebrate.

He was hesitant and a bit shy
He took a step ahead and
marched 2 steps behind
Shall I tell her, Shall I not
he kept on pondering for so long
suddenly someone called his name
he turned back to look that face
she was standing there.
Shy, humble and with that soft glare
she marched forward and met his eyes
"I can see it, you follow me.
I appreciate the gesture
and I really like thee.
But I am so sorry, I can't encourage
I am already betrothed and
next month is my marriage"

he couldn't help but smirk
"Adieu" he bade and moved ahead
That night he couldn't sleep
he cursed his fate and weep
The world was celebrating Diwali outside
his world was so dark within, inside

She was alone, ostracized and sad
betrayed in love and numb
words were pointless and eyes dried
she pulled herself hard, she at least tried
no one to share a laughter
no one to comfort with a shoulder
no one to redeem her heart sigh
vultures plenty, flying around
everyone's looking for fault, love leaving dumbfound
Fallen all the legends that she admired
she was alone, ostracized and tired.

she looked herself in mirror with sheer deride
in face of adversity own shadow flies.
Joy or remorse, there' no one for talking.
faking smile she felt like a dead men walking
there were all noises, no music but yes, the sound.
There were lights all around
then why let the darkness surround
Surround the heart, or surround my soul
she picked her courage and acted bold
throwing away the pill that she bought for suicide
she chose to live & celebrate her life.

I may fail, that's one extreme
but before failing, I cant stop to live
her darkness was fading, she could seek some light
1000 suns rising, she breathed a sigh

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  1. Beautiful. Celebrte good times. We are going to celebrate with you Ekta.

    1. Thanks so much...good to see u back!

  2. Nyc post all d best..:)

  3. This was so beautiful ... loved it !!! Celebrate the moment !!!

  4. Hey, nice post, lovely poetry.

  5. Anonymous05 November

    It's a touching story. The state of affairs when it comes to making daughter-related decisions are poor in our country- but that shall change too. I'm sure one day, we'll be rid of evils like foeticide. That apart, I like your simple, subtle use of language.

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    Of course it’s got its benefits, like India Is goodie bags! Do participate in this initiative, and claim yours.

    Looking forward to you joining us!

    1. Thanks so much Radhika. I surely will try!

    2. Anonymous16 November

      Happy Diwali :D And sure do try, I'd love to have India-sensitive people like you on board :D
      I hope you have gone through www.indiais.org, because the India Is Global Photography Challenge ends in 2 weeks. All you need to do is talk about the India Is initiative. Add your experience and what you think defines that one moment that makes India unforgettable. Blog about it, and help us map India visually. Please send across the link to radhika@skarma.com, so I can get you on board as one of the official bloggers for the initiative.
      Will do? Thanks!

    3. Sounds good...Lemme try.

      Cliche it may sound but am in midst of many things (professional & personal front), let me still stry. No commitment yet :)

  6. Beautiful story...beautifully told :)

  7. I liked ur poetry more than prose, Ekta.
    A suggestion.. try and work on your grammatical n lexical errors coz they actually kill the feelings emerging out of a nice write up!

    all the best for BAT!

    1. Thanks iduft!

      Lemme know where did u find such errors so that I can make amend. PS: I have written/ write in jiffy so some slip ups r bound to happen and some like in poem- I let create!

  8. that did have a rightful punch!! Cheers and best of luck for BAT. :)

  9. Your poetry is sublime... loved your take on "Birth of a girl child" as well.
    Good luck for BAT:)

    1. Thanks Reshma! Wish you good luck too :)

  10. The truth was told. And it was done through a beautiful weave of words. Great poem Ekta. :) ATB for BAT.

    1. Thanks so much! I am so glad you liked it, Harshal! :)

  11. Beautiful decoration......


  12. beautifully penned with emotions, nice one! :)

  13. I read the poem twice... only then i could understand what was written. However, I still think it is so beautifully written that i need to read it more and more. Thanks for sharing.Jiya

    1. Hey Jiya. That's a nice compliment indeed!So Jiya-ful! :) Keep visiting! :)

  14. Anonymous09 November

    Its touching!!
    Blog a Ton-- got to know something new.. will join in..

    1. Thats awesome...DO join..You can take the link from my post. Will look forward to ur post there. Take care :)

  15. brilliant...beautiful :)
    ATB for BAT :)

    1. Thanks Karan...do vote for me in BAT :) hee hee

  16. that was touching and beautiful

    1. Thanks Rajni...Did u participate too?

  17. 'I may fail, that's one extreme, but before failing I can't stop to live.'
    Beautiful choice of words Ekta, so much hidden in one sentence. Motivation and encouragement peeking from between the words.
    Good write up. Keep posting Ekta :)



    1. Thanks Jay! I am so glad that you liked it and liked that sentence so much :)

      Thanks for motivating me.

  18. Anonymous10 November

    Beautifully written. Nice poem !!

  19. What a plot! And a nice poem... Even today several parts of our country suffer from this disease.. Female Infanticide.. And if every man behaves like the one above who said, "So what if she is girl, she is my girl! I shall fight with society but wouldn't let the right of a girl to live strangled for baseless biases", then this frightening disease shall be perished.. Kudos :)

    1. Really glad ober your remarks...You made my day. Thank you so much for liking it!

  20. Anonymous21 May

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