Imam Siddique in Big Boss Season 6

November 29, 2012 11 Comments

Big Boss season 6- Alag che ("It's different" in Gujarati, creatively playing on word che with season no) has finally found it's weird oops big ticket item for this season. After KRK, Dolly Bindra, Rakhi Sawant, Pamela Anderson, Monica Bedi, Sunny Leone and now, here's presenting- Imam Siddique!

He is gonna stir the dullness up and sure to create ripples in the otherwise settled house. Disturbing or not, it will at least infuse a breath of change. Audience had enough of sweet & suppressed Delu, henpecked Rajeev Paul, Politically correct Niketan Madhok (the international supermodel), blow hot-blow cold Sapna Bhavnani, Cold fish Mink, frankly yours Urvashi Dholakia, Not so "Toing" yet pretty gazer Sana Khan, lukewarm model- Karishma Kotak, Indifferent Mtv Splitsville debutante Dwarakadheesh Vishal K. Frank, outspoken and brash, Imam's TV avatar came as all that. Not that I am advocating Imam, but his entry to Big boss house may be interesting and as I said will bring change and some excitement.He was earlier thrown out of house for his nude act and re thrown for his clad act, he re-entered BB 6' main house in his now known- Skeleton mask avatar.

Who is Imam Siddique?
Imam is a casting director, stylist, choreographer, hold your breaths- image consultant and in color's official words- a madhatter who got caught in the wrong side of his otherwise "we are getting well together" other co contestants at BB6's mud house. He is the same guy who styled Mona Singh is famous Sony TV serial- Jassi Jaisi koi nahi in Indian Ugly Betty ishtyle and currently hosts a style show on UTV.

BB6's euphoria was not picking up with the kind of lukewarm contestants it has and excitement seems to have lost which was quite evident in the way recent tasks were performed. Even few leads has openly admitted about the falling level of their activity n enthusiasm.

"Ignore the obvious" was the name of the task that the house mates were asked to participate to salvage few hopes for their lost luxury budget. This task invited few uncouth guests like comedian Bharti Singh and another actor in a role of kaamwali bai. Both of them failed to invite any attention from house mates and it was then Imam was strategically brought into the house.

Fiery Mink's intentions failed, Vishal' splitsvilla charm couldn't even win him Sana' love's linear equation. Sigh Big boss money stood wasted. Vrajesh Hirjee as an entertainer on big screen fail to create magic on small screen. Aashka Goradia wasn't even 2% of her famous vamp character played in colors' show and she was rather too liquid for reality show stakes. Shukla ji from Chandrakanta promised immense potential but end up playing 3rd fiddle to Nirhua. Ah, Nirhua, who was exited rather too soon from the house and I expected him to churn some desi fun like a certain other famous Bhojpuri actor did in previous season. But bhaiya poore thande ho gaye. Jyoti Amge's entry was purely to move some eyeballs portraying her uniqueness but poor soul was pained in the environment and exited soon. So Big boss marta kya na karta, called Imam back to show off his antics on the prime time.

Imam entered to seek sorry for his past errant behavior but end up doing more damage to his stated mission. He pissed off almost everyone from his talks and behavior like offering to conduct Swayamwar of Santosh Shukla, to calling Dinesh rickshaw wala (well that was quite below the belt) Trying to lure Aashka and failing to strike any conversation with Jyoti. Vrajesh and him had a face off of a movement for show' sneak peak but didn't last. The masking act got him quite viewers and Colors happily moved him to main house. Phew, he gonna create a riot there too, says the promos :) And how? He started with 

He entered house on 28th November and 29th November promised to have Imam's effect whether it's natraj dance, new task or his frank submission of his game rules. He candidly addressed the entire pack of inmates soon after his much accepted entry- "I am here to play a game. If you are my friend, but I think you can be a competitor, I will nominate you. I am here to win as I deserve Rs 50 lakh after so many years of experience in the industry".The trump card, dear watson,  and I am sure he would create all noise, drama and fight. So what even if it is scripted. 

With all this, a new adage came to existence and doing rounds. i.e. "Maan na maan, mein tera Imam".
The madness begins!

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  1. Nice one...its like reading a tabloid.

    You think Imzi the only weirdo? Sapna and he makes lethal combination!

    1. Thanks Apala...that's indeed a compliment.

  2. I too felt this is marketting strategy of BB6 by allowing the "wild" card like I"mad" siddiqui
    One thing Which made me think is Y are so many fashionista's so crazyy ! well altogether a diff topic
    but TRPS of alag che would hav sky rocketted

    The first KAAND he did my eyes were glued and I couldnt finish my dinner first. The ruckus he created is unmatchable to any BB season but I hate him , for the madness , absurdity , the self proclaimed status which I heard only now and never before !!

    He might be famous with the head weighing 100tons but he has some serious psychotic issues !

    When I saw he contly entered and re entered I knew this is just one more tactic to make people watch !
    vaise who is ur fav contestant ? I know we cannot take one name due to the changing colors on colors , moods , behaviors but strangely I am liking Ashka these days!

    1. Really...most of them dwells on craziness, not just the ones who participated in BB seasons but many others. Why fashionistas r crazy? I can understand their being feminine to get that edge to be able to design for female fraternity but talking loud and weird acts r such a no no...

      Remember that SKY guy last season? He had no talent as displayed in show except his ability to pick fight and possibility of budding romance with pooja bedi. Still he managed to up the quotient with Sunny babe n lit some fire in house.

      He has psychotic issues or he is pretending, whatever, he is def telling ppl how one should not conduct in real life but in reel life.

      This season none is so enchanting to be favorite but amongst all, I like Urvashi for her open entices and ability to change the game. I find Ashka fake but her kind act towards Jyoti, made her likeable. Rest all are duds...BB6 seriously need better ppl to spark up and bringing old ppl back is strict no no...may be they shud get a comedian or someone like that in. Sapna was promising but is quite momentary and she needs to be constantly on the move and high energy...her bear dance n demon act was good.

  3. Thanks but do they send gifts for free? lolz...

  4. He has hyponotised us all into blogging about his madness as well.

  5. I had a huge emotional connect with Bal Thackeray, says Imam Siddique

  6. This is really awsome and i love that.. This is very unique thing you put on that post.. Thanks for sharing... one-time offer

  7. Greetings & gratitude. There's but one thing worse than being talked about...Not!


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