Happy Children's Day India!

November 16, 2012 16 Comments

November 14 is celebrated as "Children's day" in India. Children, the beautiful, innocent creations of God. Children, the clay that molds in the well you throw them in. Child, father of the men.

Here's a glimpse of a greater population of children in India-

Indian Children Glimpse 1: The hands that should hold school books and toys are holding heavy generator lamps and bricks at streets and construction sites. The heads that should be filled with curiosity for knowledge and learning are actually burdened under heavy loads that help them earn a meager wage of Rs 10-20 per day so they can sate their hungry stomach. Where do we get even a onetime meal at Rs 10 or 20 in India? Oh Parliament house maybe. yes.

Indian Children Glimpse 2: They are beaten and made starve to work on streets, homes washing dishes, cloths, of the grown up able adults and their pampered children who would be of almost of same age as them or may be even elder. Why such differentiation? Your child is child and other person's or a poor child is not child but a machine? What kind of heart or soul it will be that make such children run errands for them? Are there no better options for getting a livelihood for a child?

Indian Children Glimspe 3: They say- Children are the future of the country. I find that future of the country is rag picking or Rag pickers. Children who are made to beg at such a stage in their life when they do not know what alms actually are, children who are made to pick their food or toys from rag, what kind of future are we envisioning for them?

Indian children Glimpse 4:

You know when I type "mal" in google- the first option it throws is-malnutrition in India!

Almost 65 years after Independence  India still struggle with child malnutrition that is high prevalence in country known for it's paddy fields, Basmati rice, Turmeric and Alphonso Mangoes. GDP shows impressive growth and Indians have gone on moon and where not but child malnutrition?

Tons of food grains go wasted in our storage, still millions of Indian children die of malnutrition or are made to eat thrown food. Why? Last year Punjab exceeded the potato production so much that it didn't find  buyers even at prices less than a rupee per KG. What happened? Lot of it was rot and thrown away but our good government, our silver spoon government, team of experts who entitled with chairs of guiding and protecting country from defense, foreign point of view couldn't take care of nation's children even when there is production surplus. Those potatoes could be well send to neighboring states like Orissa where people do not have anything to eat. But we were so busy changing names as if it would solve world's hunger problem and do good to the depriving state. Or we were so engrossed preparing Biryani for Kasab and yes getting mineral water for him when children in India do not get clean water to drink. Kasab gets Dengue and whole nation, media and tabloid talks about it. the entire govt get in to cure him. Whereas an Indian child living in most unhygienic condition from years fails to get any atteWhy would children not aspire to become terrorist. they get 5 star treatment even after killing hundreds of people. 

Its a national shame that even the PM with such high economic credentials couldn't save the congress laden country from such child abuse. As per reported stats- More than 40% of Indian children suffer from malnutrition and see...we are developed.

There is no food security, no shelter, no income security..in short no future security for so called future of country. What more should I say? These pictures speaks a thousand words, Chacha Nehru.

We are the country of big mouths and even bigger stomachs. We have appetite for everything- growth, excellence, performance, innovation, high living everything. Alas, mostly in our talks, leadership's empty talks. Know what is our child development ranking? Ah, it is now even below Bangladesh. But hey we won world cup, so let's cheers. Let's burst crackers. Aha now that will give some employment to these less fortunate kids who will work in hazardous industry like fireworks factory that manufactures all kinds of bombs, crackers that we spend so much money to create mindless sounds in higher decibels and series. Atmosphere be damned. The disease incurred in such kids due to working in such factories be damned. They die while making such crackers, so be damned. There are tragedies buried in our fake happiness. Did not happened to us so how does it hurt? Our love, penchant for such high noise sounds are so deep that neighboring terrorists delights us with one or two of it, time and again. The speechless animal may lose his limb, ear so be damned, we love sounds. Bombs may kill thousands of people and make many children orphan, so be damned. This country loves sound.

This country also loves it's God and is willing to kill anyone in the name of God. We light incense sticks to please inanimate idols and we spend lakhs of Ruppees to send people to pilgrimage but again Alas! we do not have sufficient funds or policies or system to cure child labor or bring down malnutrition.

It's children's day you see. Children's day. Chacha Nehru used to love kids. Perhaps he got inkling about the future of children in coming ages so he tried loving them as much, helplessly. So what his congressmen who supposedly rule this country do not care about the love of their patron when they happily use his name to get votes though. so what? Govt of India has it's own agenda to address such issues. A big agenda. They go to some nearby schools which will decorate themselves in anticipation of children's day, welcoming Govt of India's kind intervention to improve future of children in India. Ah and how do they do it? Its simple, by distributing sweetmeat packets to children, sing a song or two for Chacha Nehru along with some long speech courtesy personal secretaries and few freebies and maybe announcing couple of child development scheme that will benefit no child but only the bureaucrats announcing them (and their already silver spoon fed- few blessed children).

Sigh Chacha Nehru no body loves the children you showed so much affection to. Children in India is not blessed lot, not all. Then who is the happiest children in the country? Off course, Nehru' children, ranging from Indira Gandhi, Son Gandhis, daughter in law Gandhis, Rahul "Baba" Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, her husband Robert Vadra-Gandhi. Naturally. We love children's day.

The above article is just a reflection of current stage of majority of children in the country and the author do not endorse any personal liking or disliking specific to any religion, party or group. The view solely expressed to bring some awareness about few children related issues in India. There are many other such issues highly prevalent in our country. they are-

Child Labour
Child malnutrition
Lower level of primary education
Child begging
Child Molestation
Child Infanticide
Acute poverty
Lack of health care
Child marriage
and many more

I personally request one and sundry to come forth to this cause and do whatever least they can do to make a child' future bright. If we cannot do anything monetarily or otherwise, let us refrain from using child labor or other form of child abuse happening to any kids. Let's be human, lets be alive.
picture courtesy: google.com

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  1. It's a real tragedy. I, really, don't get why so much money is being spent on Kasab. He is getting crores of facilities instead of being a criminal & our people(esp. children) aren't getting even a single meal. :(

    1. Kasab is India ka Jamai...They wont kill him but kill us with taxes & inflation..kind of national pride he is.

  2. Heart-wrenching. Indian children suffer in brutal conditions. Please add "debt bondage" also to the above list.

    1. Yeah...a bondage that never gets fulfilled even after years of slavery. Also, to be included is induction of drugs amongst the kids.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks buddy. Saw ur link and liked it too...keep visiting here :)

  4. very depressing, childhood is supposed to be the happiest time in a person's life, but poverty, social and political apathy make so many children (the number is huge)go through unspeakable atrocities. Thanks for the article!

    1. Thanks Meenakshi, I am quite against child labour and some how try n stay away from it as much as possible. Hope everyone applies or at least a majority of us start doing so, there will be huge curb on this malpractice.

  5. This article broke my heart Ekta ...as a mother of two kids, I am often reduced to tears when I see some of the kids in the vicinity workng, or worse - begging! Very, very thoughtful post!

    1. :( I really hate seeing indifference towards such children.

  6. The Pictures.. Its true that a picture is worth a thousand words.... Those were appealing. Its so painful that when I am typing this, there are many children who would have gone to work at a very small age of 10 to get one meal per day. Every day I see small kids begging for money in train when we are enjoying out here.. Irony.. And that picture of Nehru with kids was taken by Homie Vyarawala which shows how much Nehru worked for the children... Hope that this situation reduces atleast if it doesn't change...

    1. Yup, these pics are of JN Nehru with his grand children- Sanjay & Rajiv Gandhi.

  7. I have started believing that we are a lost country. We cannot get anything right, can we? Nothing is above money and our own good.

    1. Hmmm...well said...I guess we r on path of getting lost. Commercialization, commodity-mentality and all.

  8. Anonymous27 November

    Child illiteracy..

    "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
    -Nelson Mandela


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