Gone with the Shave

December 30, 2012 12 Comments

He was dressed in Armani
Shoes was Versace
and watch was Rolex
and his scent was driving me crazy

I threw a glance but stumbled
stopped at his chin & mumbled
you look still good n I m so humbled
Sorry but i don't go on date with "uncles"

Uncle? he bemoaned n wondered
I am just thirty he grumbled
Honey, what's wrong with you tonight
We are married, remember, alrite!

Oh really, then my bad
but age really reflect on your face
your hairs are cool & you smell good
But ur stubble makes u look uncouth

Spiky, thorny, hairs ingrown
she heaved a sigh & let a groan
What's with those stranded hair
would you give your face a little care?

Well a lot of you faced such situations. What's the solution? Asks Blogadda team to all women bloggers under this contest- Shave or Crave

Some said- they will play hot, some said they will play cool. I do not want to be a fool and risk my true love or ummm good date over a stubble. Gifting him a shaver and assortment regularly doesn't help

Here's what I'd suggest to make a man crave and shave. Continued from top...

"Would you give you face a little care"
asked the man amused & worried
we are getting late, can we be hurried?

Suddenly she moved out
Is she angry on me, he's got doubt
she returned back in such a jiffy
carrying in her hand a paper kitty

what are you doing, pl wait
Let's go for dinner, its getting late
She smiled and sat him over
turned his chin and lean over

stroke by stroke, she aimed to titillate
he seemed to be enjoying every moment
and a last stroke and the stubble was gone
as she left him he moan

some more honey, its not yet done
there's a shaft of hair near my cheekbone
smiled she took it in her hands
only to smell aftershave fragrance

No gyan, no strategy, no minute wasted
she took a shaver and got him shaved
Shaving was never so much of fun
a razor & cream and he was done

There's she stood happy & triumph
she got rid of his evening stubble 
no more frowning, none to fumble
ah that aftershave, its never enough

he stretched his arms and pulled her across
wanna go for second honeymoon, he asked
Aren't we getting late for dinner
she chuckled in his arms, like a winner.

Thank you for reading it all alone. Hope you liked my post. So friends, women and men, whaddya say? Isn't it the best way to crave him to shave and shave him to crave? If yes, pl do leave your comments below. I would love them all.

This post is a part of the 'Shave or Crave' movement in association with BlogAdda.com

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  1. Hi Ekta,

    Nice poem, lucky guy, he got the royal treatment. If only, someone would take the monotonous task of shaving my beard for me :p :p :p

    Wish you luck for the contest.

    Check out my entry for this topic:

    Happy New Year Ekta :)


    My Blog | My FB Page

    1. Thanks Jay.

      Women cannot nag beyond a certain point and men' lose sheen to a task as boring as shaving that too twice a day. SO women need to make it interesting for her men rather than making him jealous with other men.

      I read your post too..very well written. And a very happy New Year to you too!

  2. This is one of the best post I came across for the contest, Ekta! Best wishes to you for the New Year and hope it brings you the laurels you deserve:)

    1. Thanks sooooooo much Rahulji! Wish you too a very happy new year :) :)

  3. This is one of the best on this prompt! way to go!!

    1. Thanks so much Meenakshi. I am so glad that you liked it :)

  4. Awesome post Ekta! I was kind of turned on by the "titillate" wala part. Shaving has never been sexier! *wink wink*

    1. He he...that was the intent but while writing I was quite apprehensive as I do not want to write anything bold as such...There were many ideas but I refrained.

  5. Wow.. a good shot...unique as well..
    Me too agree with this point that the loved one should be given the pamper and care...
    I tried it too with showing love :) urs was a great way!!

    1. Thanks soo much Manjulika! I am glad you liked it. I wanted to add some spice and thought of writing this. Beside I was under extreme time pressure when I wrote this and tried for couple of hrs to get it submitted on their web page.

      Once done, I got a mail from them saying, its been extended...phew ;)

  6. really romantic.. ^^d
    do it alternately. spend my fur..

    1. Thanks!!

      Whats the alternative thing? Pl clarify for me.


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