Two's Company, Three's Crowd: My entry for the Get Published contest

December 23, 2012 40 Comments

"Lovers forget their loves
and list their love to this
She, a window flower
and he, a winter breeze"

Ashima and Aman, a once upon a time madly in love couple struggles to spend time with each other. Inseparable since beginning, Ashima follows Aman wherever he goes, whatever he wants. Today things have changed. Aman's love for Ashima takes backseat to Aman's priority for his job which Ashima truly respect. In her own words- "You make me proud, Aman". Her undying love for Aman didn't let her go away from him. She understands his pressures and never objects to his haywire schedule which also meant that he left her midway during their Mehendi ceremony. "Don't worry, we will compensate for all his time on wedding day with his presence and off course an exotic honeymoon" she smiled and winked to her doubting guests.

Ashima now lives-in with Aman. He got a special project in hand, deferring their wedding. Days became months and months, year. In spite of everyone's wishes, she moved in with him. "Marriage is union of two souls and I have found my soulmate. Why worry what world says. As long as I know he loves me and I love him. Wedding is just a tick in box which we shall do once his special assignment is over". She replies.

It's their anniversary (dating) and Ashima wanted to surprise him with a special candlelit dinner for two. She  came home early despite her busy schedule at work, buys his favorite flowers, cooks all his favorite food, set a table with exotic candles and wine glasses. She politely declines her colleagues' request to not depend on Aman's arrival and celebrate evening with them at newly opened Bistro. "Two's company three's crowd. We will have lot of fun and you are not allowed". 

Will Aman & Ashima  celebrate their special day together or once again his job will take precedence over his love? Would Ashima's faith on her love will survive or would she get disheartened by his absence? Does absence makes hearts grow fonder or too much availability of a partner, diffuses the spark? Is it a test of love or writing on wall for Ashima to move on or will love conquer all?

What makes this story real- If it's love, its real. A majority of us may relate to this story. The working professionals, the live in partners, the mad in love couples who still hold the charm of old world love- Love happens only once but stays on forever. Anyone who has loved and seen love fading to hands of time, situations and priorities will relate to this story. The story does not preach or judge but may reinstate our faith in love, it's importance and challenges too.

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This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs fromYashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.

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  1. I voted for you, dear! All the best! Waiting to get the secrets unveiled. :)

    1. Thanks sooo much Gayatri...really appreciate :)

  2. Sounds like a sweet idea. All d best for the contest :)

    Two's company Three's crowd.That's a catchy name :)

    1. stay tuned...The story will really amuse you! :)

  3. Nice one...hope you get selected..
    All the very best :)

    And thanks for voting my post on indiblogger :)


    1. Thanks sooo mcuh Noopur...stay tuned.

      And voting- anytime :)

  4. I liked the story. And, I voted for you.

  5. 'If it's love, it's real' - that is so true! Beautifully written.

    1. Thanks Abhinav...Do vote for me at Indiblogger. Here's the link-

  6. Love the title and the plot outline. Best of luck Ekta!!

    1. Thanks Sooo much Swapna. I really appreciate.

      Do vote for me at -

  7. Hi Ekta,

    Yes, a lot of people are opting in for the live-in relationship nowadays. It's become a fad, although it may have its pros and cons. Quite a thoughtful premise for the story. Waiting for the complete work.
    Wish you luck on this endeavor. :)


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    1. Yes I agree...But my story promises to be more different than just trauma of live-in relationship, it will have a different angle to many a cliches in this space for more:)

      And pl do vote for me at-

  8. Hey Ekta, you have my vote with the opening lines, too good. All the best dear :)

  9. Hi Ekta, interesting take. cant wait to get amused... wish you get published.. :)

  10. Story of working professionals! Aha nice! Btw, me did not add you on facebook after the meet, when I saw your entry was reminded of it! :D
    Good luck for the contest!

    Here is mine. Kindly read and cast your valuable vote!

    Thank you!

    1. Thanks so much Rinzu. I am glad that you lied it. Will definitely go through your post too.

      Take care :)

  11. Engrossing....Would love to read it in its entirety....*pats u on the back*...good job, Ekta

    1. Thanks so much Ritesh. Really Appreciate. Once the publishing house selects my story, I shall upload the actual whole naraation. if they do not,there's already a book that is being scripted n discussed by the lead characters.

    2. Sorry not this story is being discussed, there's another one that I submitted after this :)

      This one-

  12. You know...a great perspective chosen...

    Liked yours...please do read and vote for mine...

  13. another brilliant story! all the best for the contest! voted!

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