Stubble stubble go away

December 28, 2012 10 Comments

Some men have it short
some has long
some has bushy
Alas! all of them hurt like a thorn

Some develops it early
some take time to grow
Some gets it, twice a day
Reason? they don't know

some like to experiment
with a new pattern to show
Some are pure casual about it
while some admire theirs & keeps it adorn

Ahem, we are talking about the stubble that men keep. 
Do not get us wrong
lets get straight to the point
to cut the story from long

It makes them look
just up from bed
it makes girls feel
if men were risen from dead

It's bushy, its spiky
its so unwanted
It hurts and its unhygienic
still it refuses to go

How to get rid of it? Ask Diva...

This is the story of a diva. A girl called diva. A happy go lucky girl with countenance as fair as snow. Pearly complexion, rosy cheeks, blue eyes well nothing of the sort. She was as normal as we are. But yeah, quite an adventure freak and perhaps that's why she always loved men with a stubble. As she would always say-

"It makes them look cool,
it makes them look strong
it makes you feel
protected and tagged along"

So then, she found herself a boyfriend, a hot, dashing boyfriend with the looks of cowboys with off course, a stubble. His name- George Abraham and she would call him Georgie boy. Oh wow, he wears a rugged jeans, drives a super bike, spike hairs, smell like Azzaro and looks like George Michael. Awww he is soooo cool and his stubble so manly- she quipped. She quipped, jumped with joy. Her joy was short-lived and soon she started shying away from her Georgie boy. Those snuggling, cootchie cooing were no more magical. He wondered why and one day he asked her. "Its your stubble George"! She said candidly.

Georgie Boy- What with my stubble Diva?
Dive: It's so hurting that every time I come close to embrace you, it comes in between like a villain
Georgie Boy- But doll, you used to love it, didn't you?
Diva: yeah, I used to but didn't knew it would hurt so much
Georgie Boy- Oh Diva, my baby, you can't stop loving me cause I have a stubble
Diva- Exactly my point- Johnie Boy. So pl, pl get rid off your stubble pl
Georgie boy- Would that make you happy?
Diva- Yes (with a big twinkle in her eyes)

Georgie boy shaved his stubble
Diva girl was joyous and humble
the love story went on and on
till one day Georgie cared no long

When he was comfortable, he would save
Rest all days, he made Diva Crave
"What's that love that can't endure a little
 Forget the roughness, enjoy the thrill"
"Love me love my evening stubble"
Diva would just sit and grumble

"Stubble stubble go away, 
Miss Diva wants to play 
with his chin, cheek n ears 
caress them till nape of their neck. 
bushy face, evening stubble 
does anything but impress"

But Diva was smart
Diva was strong
She turned the table
and made Georgie yearn n long

She made a plan for a car race. She invited all their friends and asked Georgie to join her for a long drive. In anticipation of great fun, he agreed. 

The D day came and they all waited for the gun to go. Ready, Steady & Po....

It was a long, steep jungle road. They had 30 minutes to reach from point A to point B. They were going quite steadily with Diva & Georgie leading the pack. Suddenly Diva changed the track and moved her car from the smooth cemented road to rocky terrains.

Georgie- Honey, why are we off track? We were doing so good. It was such a "smooth" ride.
Diva- Sweetie its so much fun to drive on a terrain like this. It's sooo adventurous, so thrilling
Georgie- What thrill Diva, its so rocky that it may hurt our car's tires
Diva- What's that tyre that cannot endure a track. We have stepany, enjoy the race
Georgie- But when we can drive on smooth road, why to drive on uneven road when we can drive on smooth road? It actually kills the thrill which gets badly affected due to rough, itching terrains that you may not enjoy driving

By the time Georgie finished this sentence, Diva jumped from and said- exactly my point
He was shocked. "What do you mean? I didn't get your point here". 
Diva (caressing his cheeks with her hands): Honey, the point I wanted to make is- The rocky terrains kills the smooth drive and makes it unenjoyable. Why to drive on uneven road when we can drive on smooth road?

"Smart girl of mine" Georgie smiled and embraced her. "Ouch the stubble hurts, baby" winked Diva. "No more baby, no more. Cause I am gonna shave them off every morning too" said Georgie boy. 
"Promise" asked Diva
"It's a man's word, doll". 

And like all the good ol' fairy tales- They lived happily together, ever after. 

This is how a darling Diva got her Georgie boy crave and Johnie chose to shave his evening stubble. What's your story? What do you wanna choose- Shave or Crave?

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  1. That was wonderful! One of the best takes on the topic. Loved the poems and name of characters. George Abraham reminded me of Mr. Clooney and our very own Abraham, John.

    Good luck for the contest and I dare say again, this contest has spoiled almost all the women bloggers. :D

    1. Hee hee...thanks so much!

      Ya may be u r right, spoiled all...I wrote such a naughty post even my other entry is like OMG-

  2. heh heh smart Diva... cute post,loved the poems Ekta :D

  3. :) I wrote a similar story too but the man in my story is tender Nd not do rough like johnnie oops Georgie boy :)
    Good one ekta

    1. Really? So send me you link...let me read yours too.

      Thanks and take care :)

  4. Wow!! And a double wow for the poetic twist in it :-)....all the best Ekta!

    1. Thanks soo much Nirvana! You written too? In that case ATB to you too :)

  5. Big smiles... Happily ever after tale. Well done Ekta. :)

    1. Thanks soo much :) I am glad that you liked it too.


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