Ambipur- Turns foul to fresh!

September 20, 2013 0 Comments

Dunno what the world think of themselves, every second one person calls up and asks for approval as if I have no other work but to keep approving stuff for them as a rubber stamp. I entered the car with a foul mood. No sooner did I sat, the fresh fragrance in the car turned off my foul mood to a pleasant one and I couldn't help but notice, a new vent in the car. What is this wondered?

Its raining and quite a mish mash every where. "This country stinks" I said loudly while covering my nose with a thick kerchief. Everywhere you see, you see garbage and the monsoon make sit even more worse. And on top of that you proposed this trip to Goa? Gosh, it will be smelly stinky for whole 7 hours while on road and cars aha they become a big jukebox of smell all thing rainy in such weather. Gosh I can't open windows too. Its like suffocated. I grumbled. My friend smiled and noded his head. He said not to worry as the moment we hit the highway, we can open the windows.

How ? I asked? the car would become the rain water harvesting machine and we will be surrounded with green moss and all thing surreal stinky, I said in a sarcastic tone.

My friend noded again and opened the dashboard of his car, from where he took out a mini perfume for the car. Car perfume? huh I will just increase suffocation and in sometime become another smelling device. Wait and watch he said.

Oh really? I was in my sarcastic best. This clip looks like a mini lamp that if rubbed, some genie will come and clear the smell.

Yes, something like that but there's a catch. You cant see genie with open eyes, he chuckled, you can only smell. few minutes the car turned into an enclosure of pleasant fragrance. AHa lavender I muttered.

Soon my fol mood changed to fresh, sad face to happy one and all the damped sprits were live again. Traveling in car was never so much of fun. I even refused to get down and had my tea, samosa and vada pav in the car...we took the road less traveled, the longer one, such was the experience taht we enjoyed, savored and remain as fragrance in the pages of books adorned by leaves.

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