Mother Hen & the Evil Crown Princess

September 02, 2013 31 Comments

It was the month of August and raining. I peeped outside my window in reverence to the pouring skies. Something took my attention away. I heard an ongoing conversation between a bird and a human like creature at the nearby tree. It went like this-

Picture Courtesy- artwork by- Jeanie Tomanek
The Bird-
You are not apt for climbing,

look upon you
You are not even a bird
said the mother hen
to the infiltrator in her den

I thought you are a well wisher,
You coy us rather
You hurt our nest
and attacked

See you have hurt my egg
Thrashed on ground and caused wreck

and I thought u r my crown princess,
You fooled us
in a fake embrace
I was so hopeful
I brought you to my tree
gave you my heart's access

The Evil Crown Princess spoke-
I am no angel
neither a queen bee
the cape that looks my wings,
look closer thee
They are my stings

The crown on my head, is a fad
that I wore, whenever I please
I ain't no talk
and continue to stalk
now let me go, release.

You are not my family, nor do I care about this tree
I came here for the egg, I came to steel

It is my true self
I am what I am
I didn't came for thou, I didn't care somehow

I'll still eat that yolk
and care not folk
teach me no moral
but bow you thee
raise no protest, let me be me

The Bird spoke-
You are an evil' franchise
in a woman' disguise
I bare you from my nest
fall off my crest
With that the evil crow princess slithered and slipped in to her hole behind the tree. The mother hen with her tears and pang, looked at her eggs and wept.

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. Interesting interpretation.

    1. Thanks Laurie, I just tried to read the picture.

  2. Super Ekta, as always. Like the way you saw this.

    1. Thanks soo much SG. SOmehow my posts are incomplete without your comments! Thanks soo much!

  3. fantastic composition

  4. nice tale ! n great write up :)

  5. Anonymous04 September


  6. What an awesome way to show us our own dark side......really well written piece. Kudos to you :D

    1. Hi Athena, I am so glad that you liked it. Yes, one has a dark side and accepting it is the first part of exploring!

  7. Loved it...!! Awesome
    and right now going through all your blog..

    1. Thanks soo much Raghav. Wud love to know your favorites to :)

  8. Yes, interesting interpretation, it set me thinking.

    1. Thanks Indrani. Do share your thoughts.

  9. Anonymous04 September beautifully interpreted :)

  10. Methinks a similar conversation could be overheard on the floor of the United Nations.

  11. Anonymous05 September

    Interesting tale!

  12. thats a darker one... well written!

  13. well done and thanks for sharing

  14. Anonymous10 September

    Good post. Nice Intepretation

  15. Anonymous19 September

    wonderful story...great write up . loved it


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