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September 24, 2013 , 16 Comments


Here's a clue, Drumroll 

an exclusive blog for you 

On Fashion, Food, Life 


Announce the launch of 

Haute Kutir, one stop shop for

Fashion Food, Lifestyle 

Well that was a Haiku that I wrote to announce my new blog- www.hautekutir.blogspot.com.
It's a dedicated blog on as I said above- Fashion (beauty), Food and Lifestyle. The blog is new and soon it will have it's own posts! Stay tuned for more news. Meanwhile, continuing with the trend, read below my short poem on the picture.

The firefly loves it lamp
dearly and so it clamp
fearing no mortality
yet redemption

it clings to it tight
even knowing that she may die
rather she succumbs to it
quench herself and thrives

Love is what goes between
the moth ball and light
Let there be love.
let there be light
Image courtesy- The Mag
This post is written for-
1) Announcing my new blog
2) My take on picture prompt by the Mag (poem above)
3) Haiku Heights (prompt word- Clue)

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. 'Twas better. I wish you would have added the announcement of your new site to the end of this instead of so obviously using The Mag as an advertising medium like you did before.

    1. Hi Jerry
      The mag clearly says that we can use the picture prompt the way we can, creatively. I've combined it with a haiku (prompt word -clue) that is written in beginning, taking it to natural progression of the announcement n then ended with another poem.

      Would like to understand how was it used as an advertising medium solely here and what was "the before thing" that u mentioned. Its big open ended statement that u made in public forum n I wud request u to explain this.

      Besides, the mag too gets publicity from my blog site, so your statement that using it as an advertising medium is insensitive and irrelevant sir!

    2. You posted two links in The Mag's widget thingy, with the one going to your "Birth of a Dream" under "Haute Kutir." Aside from your "Birth of a Dream" being nothing more than an advertisement for your new site, making it worse is that there is no mention of The Mag (let alone a link back to it) anywhere to be found on it.

      Yes, the participation rule (so to speak) is to use the picture prompt as we can in a creative fashion, but The Mag is about literary creativity, along with digital graphics (I suppose). Regardless, The Mag is a wonderful thing, and I think it is a shame when people leave links to what really doesn't have anything to do with the picture prompt.

    3. It is offensive to say words like shame without understanding them. If you want a link back to MAG, that can be done that although am not sure that link back is important nor do I see all contributors doing so. (who is talking about publicity now? eh!)

      Besides, creativity is an open field, subjected to individuals and their interpretation. If you do not like someone else' work, you cannot call them wrong or ask them to do it your way! Mag serves no mode of advertisement but an open forum to encourage some "creative" writing.
      Besides, it is on my blog roll irrespective of fact that I write every week or not, so calling it publicity is a cheap thrill!

  2. Good luck with your new blog!
    Good theme.

  3. Anonymous25 September

    Congrats on your New Blog..Looking forward to it for many tips.. :)

    1. Thanks so much. Little sandwiched between lack of time and poor Internet. Will keep you posted with new updates!

  4. Anonymous26 September

    All the best :) (y)

    1. Thanks. Hope u liked my poem and the Haiku too!

  5. This post is amazing! - your photo's are beautiful! Very helpful advice within this post! :)
    Architectural Photographers

    1. Thanks soo much. The picture is not mine but courtesy a fellow blogger :)

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