To Explore is a destination in itself

September 30, 2013 , 18 Comments

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I am the Explorer! I love to explore, unknown terrains, faraway places, geographies, the roads that goes some where but leads no where and still goes every where.

What I cannot do with open eyes, I do with closed ones. I have often dream about some really exotic fab-lands where I am transported by virtue of vision. I run, I fly, I dance over streams, chase the rainbow, sing over mountain, watch rivers flowby and life go by. I love to explore the unexplored of self, the world.

I am my own Hosain Bolt on my own temple run! There's more to just endless valleys, there are stop overs. There are castles, closets, secrets inside those closets, walls that becomes the door, doors that becomes the gateway to a new road that touches the skies and sky that is orange crimson and more.

One such journey I explored long back. It was truly cherish exploration. That walk and the experience is something that you have to see through my eyes and feel through my heart beats. I woke up with rainbow in my footsteps and springs in my breath.

It was a dewy morning, cluttered, condensed and camouflaged with early morning mist and fog when I stood up and kept walking on a seemingly familiar road ahead. Little did I now that roads that looks familiar can also have potential to transverse into something that was not seen/known before. It happened with me that morning when my legs became a wild beast and rushed into a safari, a quasi jungle Safari.

Walking on Road quite traveled yet exploring new frontiers
Picture Courtesy- MagpieTales
Sometimes as i said, the roads takes us away to a whole new world. I walked past the known area to newer paths straddled with fields, valleys, rivers and splendor. The morning reached to it's twilight conclusion when I almost reached a valley in middle of nowhere. The valley was all serene, all dark. This traveler after a day long journey ached for a sleep and was greeted by a very fond looking stranger who offered a shelter in a wide white tent that was all quite and peaceful inside. Such was the smile of this pleasant looking, beautiful stranger and tranquility of the white camp palace in yellow bulb light against the darkness of skies, that I prompt followed his instructions and soon fell asleep like I have never slept before. 

I am an explorer and I cannot stay still at one place for long time. Soon I woke up from my slumber and followed a silken trail to trace that stranger and you know what I was greeted with? Well a room full of even more strangers. Yes. I slipped away from the tent to search the stranger and know more about the beautiful valley that I was in. Some said it is close to Saanchi Stupa and my sleep was a significance drawn from lord Budhdha's eternal sleep. How? Well I know no more cause I am an explorer and my destination is my journey itself.

Outside the white tent, I saw a concrete motel type structure and soon entered it. The place looked familiar and the sudden disappearance of the pleasant stranger made me grow out of the place. The night was dark and progressing. I saw some food but I chose to search the stranger so we can together explore the place more. I trust no one, I couldn't trust anyone and in search of my answers I moved out of the motel house. As I stepped outside that house, I saw a lovely morning greeting me. The valley had beautiful green look to it, carpeted with a fine velvet green grass, I saw the valley filled with several known faces across the terrain. It was nice to see known faces at an unknown place, it subsides fear. SO I walked ahead to meet them and know their motive and travel plans. They were courteous and were there to stay. They discouraged me to leave and invited to stay over.

I am an explorer and staying at one place is not my forte. I could see the beauty of the valley suddenly downsizing into randomness of regular place. Before the mundane could grasp me, I ran away, with all my might and did not stop till I reached a higher valley just next to sun. I just stopped to contain the beauty in my sight. Gosh It was really heavenly, really beautiful. It was almost at the end of green, spring meadow mountains that touch the sky and above a wide blue river that sang beautiful morning lullaby! Words fail me to describe it's beauty. I can fly, I can fly and saw this terrain all around. Such an exhilarating experience. I wish I can stay forever.
Picture courtesy: Google
I am an explorer and Mother earth had sent me a mission to not stop but explore all it's beauty and mystery that it offers. This time I didn't know where I was going but I let the roads and fate take me to good. The green roads suddenly become dusty and seeing a monastery from far site I realized we are in Ladakh! Ah finally. Before I could relish what I was going to see, the road took a turn to European country side. I crossed the lovely streams and paddy garden and progressed to another valley- topy-turvey. It soon transported to a beautiful road, may not be Rome but nothing less beautiful than that.

Blue sky, spring flowers, orange splendor and in middle of it all, there was a high mountain. In middle of those mountain and surprisingly beautiful roads, stood a big, huge European castle holding a beauty, a myth of some era bygone. It must be dream, I thought but my roads said, exploration is dream come true. Soon I reached a place that I can dream of in farthest dream, still more beautiful, charming than ever conceived. I entered via a labyrinth and the gates welcomed me. 

The palace was amid few more and each offered a different aura in itself. I tucked myself at one corner and was amazed by the intrigue-ness of the atmosphere. I felt like an Alice in Wonderland and soon spotted a rabbit that took me to a new castle and disappeared. The place was laced with red velvet and had some secret closet. Enter at your own will said the skies as each of them may have a surprise. 
Anybody here I shouted
the loudness of my voice got muted
I felt I can't hear myself up
I felt I should not get stuck

For I am an explorer
Beauty is my luxury
I need to discover new places
I shall  not cease to ant stillness but discovery.

I wanted to know more
but time told me to move
soon I set back on my journey
chug my vehicle engine to leave

While I left that place
that Windsor Castle and palace
The lilies greeted me
The road smiled and embraced.

I am an explorer
I go where the roads leads me
I follow the trails of mist
mist that's created by clouds and swing of breeze

I am an explorer
my journey is my mission
To go around and explore
till I reach final frontier, my ultimate destination

I am an explorer
My roads are stronger than your imagination
I am powered by my ambition
and driven by tough determination
This is not exactly a fictional post  nor a figment of my creative imagination alone. I actually have experienced some dreams like them. May be that's a sign that I should travel more often. Hope you liked my post. Wish me luck and stop plagiarism!

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. ...and now I certainly want to read more about that walk and that experience!

    Arvind Passey

  2. wow lovely!!

  3. As always, excellent Ekta. If I can borrow a line from Star Trek, here it is:

    These are the voyages of the starship NumeroUnity. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

    1. Thanks soo much SG!

      Aww missed this lines, they r awesome!

  4. Whoa, that was some trip you just took us on. Well done!

    1. Thanks so much Jerry! Appreciate your encouragement :)

  5. Loved the essence of the post - go out, travel, explore. Well written Ekta!

  6. Wonderful post Ekta. All the best for the contest :)

    1. Thanks Jahid! Glad that you liked it!

  7. Thanks for the journey.


  8. Excellent...happy trails!

  9. Again a step ahead for winning another contest :) .. All the best !

    Well composed post..

    1. Thanks VJ...for once I thought I won the contest :)


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