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The Ballerina

November 10, 2013 44 Comments

Danseuse ajustant sa bretelle, 1895-96, Edgar Degas
As she dressed up
and looked above
she found everything dark
stark and astound

Holla! Anyone around?
I am a danseuse
I lost my way to stage
I have a performance coming up next

Holla! Can anyone hear me
I can't see through this dark
Dear me!
I feel helpless
Is anyone near me?

The Ballerina was struck
in a box like situation
she tried to climb out
but sudden gravity reverted her decision

Her legs were pinned
to the ground
She looked at her condition,
little confused, quite dumb found.

I don't want to die
But lead a beautiful life
I have many hopes in heart
and dreams in my eyes

She loved the frog prince
and loved with all that she had.
she descended crestfallen
and landed in despair

The king was unapproving
of the prince and ballerina's affair
he conned her into confinements
penalized her for love, her dare

She cried, scream and plead
but all in vain
Her love went wasted
down the drain

The courtier and kingsmen
spoke in hush tone
they condemn the king for judgement
to kill the Ballerina alone

She called for queen
"you are the mother
Pl intervene"

Alas! She couldn't honor
and save a woman's pride
The Ballerina unfold her hands,
mocked herself in deride

she await in her prison
in bitter pain and yelp
love gifted her treason
justice failed to help

"who and for what should I survive
when the people I loved
confined me in brick and mortar
and buried me alive"

The ballerina who moved the world
with the ecstasy of her move
now stands still
self perturbed with her stillness.

The above story is written for the picture prompt by magpir tales and weaved in the lines of the legend of Salim -Anarkali [ Mughal-e-Azam] an irony spelt on woman who loved to find themselves lost beyond recovery.

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. Ah, nice bricolage! So unexpected to find her confined to the stillness of a prison (or a photograph).

    1. Thanks Kathy! that was indeed lovely!

  2. Emotionally written...First 3 stanzas intrigued me...

  3. Very sad. Throughout history ballerinas have been perceived as the embodiment of beauty and perfection. The ideal feminine. In reality, they suffered a lot. They were exploited and lived in starvation. Take the life history of some of the greatest ballerinas in the world, starting from early Renaissance period. Pathetic.

  4. This reminds me of the music box I had when I was a little girl...the ballerina popped up and twirled when the lid was opened...

    1. Yeah... I too had one and it was lovely! Thanks for reminding me about it :)

  5. indeed nicely written....thanks for sharing

  6. I think that world of ballet can definitely be a a gilded cage of sorts. Interesting idea to blend your poem with a legend.


    1. Thats indeed a wonderful remarks. Thank u soo much Sue for the lovely thought- like a gilded cage.

  7. Your poem brought the song "pyaar kiya to darna kya" from Mughal-E-Azam to my mind...Beautifully done Ekta:)

  8. You're certainly getting better... but do check and see if you really want 'Pl' and not 'please'... and is 'astound' fitting there?

    Arvind Passey

  9. Beautiful Ekta...I loved the last stanza..

  10. She dances, she lives!

  11. That is such an hauntingly beautiful picture. The writing is almost flawless. Beautifully penned ma'am :)

    1. Thank u so much Bhavya..u do not know what this comment meant for me :)

  12. I felt the pain and why is that only she was penalized and that too for love. Salim Anarkali was written all over it and surely love hurts.

    1. Yes, true that. Love hurts and some love heels!

  13. Very well written!

  14. Awesome Post, I am a regular visitor but nothing caught my eyes more than this particular one (every post is awesome=thus explaining my regularity) this one is super awesome. Good picture and great words. keep it up :) :D

    1. That's really sweet of you Shantanu :)

  15. beautiful n emotional.. awesome weave.. :)

  16. Moving story. Nice Ekta.:)

  17. lovely!!!!! .. well penned. the start up of poem gives us a direction to think bt as the story progress, reader reaches to a new dimension.

    1. Aww glad that you liked it. Thanks for the compliments :)

  18. Loved it..! Keep writing. Krishna Bless You.

    Sunny Kumar

  19. Anonymous27 November


  20. It the awesomest thing I read today. Loved it so much. This is what we call as the magic of words. Kudos! :)

    1. Thank you so much Namrata! I loved ur comments :)

  21. I really loved reading it... omg this is awesome :)

    1. Thanks so much is overwhelming. While writing I was very unsure and thought that people may write it off.


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