Why do I sometime prefer to walk on opposite side of road

February 25, 2009 , 3 Comments

- Chances of being back stabbed are less
- You wouldn’t be shocked by a sudden honking from cab behind
- You can see everything coming your way
- Good to see surprised reactions of the passers by.
- All roads lead to Rome anyways
- Take the road less travelled [low traffic there]

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  1. Anonymous28 February

    Interesting...Old habits die hard. for you...always a rebel without cause ;-)

  2. Hey....even i used to do d same some times....thank god i m not alone on d planet!!And many a times wid my dog...jst imagine d situation!!

  3. One a guy calls her wife home and tells her that he will be late. He says that there is something wrong with people here, all are driving on the wrong side of the road, and I am finding it difficult to dodge them.

    Wife replies- Be careful dear, they are showing on the news that, there is a fool driving on the wrong side of the road.........


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