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February 27, 2009 5 Comments

While browsing through the comments list on my posts, I landed to saim’ blog Suddenly a song has caught my attention. And I was surprised to hear it coming from my lappie. To confirm, I increased the volume and then realized it’s playing on his website. It was one of those pleasant song from school hood, a song that am still growing up on. I rather kept the volume and plugged in my headphone.

Whoever says that Hindi film songs have lost their charm, essence and melody, have definitely not heard new songs, this song in particular. No doubt that the old songs are still a great celebration of music and meaningfulness. But it is not fair to completely write off new songs. For still there are some songs that not just inspire listening but actually grow up on you.

One such song is “Mujhse naaraj ho to ho jao” from the movie- “Papa Kehte hai”. I still remember how in school we used to wait for a new movie’ audio cassette to hit in stores and hurriedly used to buy one on mere virtue of watching the trailers on TV. “Papa kehte hai” was one such release …The much hyped movie of Mahesh Bhatt though failed to entertain cinegoers but in true “Bhatt” style, its songs were done in great taste.

What was so special about the song? Well read it and find yourself-
"Mujhse Naaraj ho to ho jao
Khud se lekin khafa khafa na raho
Mujhse tum door jao to jao
Aap apne se tum juda na raho

Mujhpe chaho yakeen karo ya na karo
Tumko khud pe magar yakeen rahe
Sar pe ho aasma ya na ho, pair ke neeche yeh zameen rahe
Mujhko tum bewafa kaho to kaho
Tum magar khud se beawafa na raho
Mujhse Naaraj…

Aao ek baat mein kahoon tumse
Jaane Phir koi yeh kahe na kahe
Tum ko apni talaash karni hai
Humsafar koi, rahe na rahe
Tumhe apne sahare jeena hai
Dhoondti koi aasra na raho
Mujhse Naraaj…"
[This may not capture the actual essence, but translating for my non Hindi speaking friends]

If you want to be upset with me, you can be
But don’t get upset with yourself
If you want to go away from me, you can go
But don’t run away from yourself
Whether you want to trust me or not
But do keep your trust on yourself
Whether there is sky above your head or not
But you should have ground under your feet
You can call me a traitor or no
But don’t betray yourself
If you want to be upset with me, you can be
But don’t get upset with yourself
Come let me tell you something
Later maybe someone tell you this or not
You have to search yourself first
Whether there is someone else or not
You have to live on your own
Rather than searching for any external support
Now, If you want to be upset with me, you can be
But don’t get upset with yourself

Soulful!!! Isn’t it?

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  1. Anonymous02 March

    I never realized thath theze kinds of songs exists...but sounds yeap very soulful as u said...heard on that link aswell...want to download the same..Is it available on bearshare, ekta?

  2. Anonymous04 March


    Am not too sure about the availablity on bear share. however if i get a link,will post here :-)

  3. am glad it evoked memories:)

  4. Hey Ekta !! Good song.Can you zip it and mail it to me if you have the song..

    On the same lines as -

    Dushman tu meri dosti ko tarse..

  5. Anonymous29 March

    gud one..


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