Live life Emperor-size!!!

February 09, 2009 5 Comments

Well it might appear quite a misnomer during times of recession and “size zeroes” but it’s the first thing that came to my mind while I sat down to pen some thoughts.

I asked couple of my friends, even some colleagues that what does it mean to them to live life kingsize. And I was not too surprised with the answers that came. Well some very conveniently said “Gaadi[vehicle], Bungalow [Mansion]& Big bank balance. Some of them even pointed at my boss’ chair and said to be there and rule the roost??!??. While some of them even said that life full of leisure and no work. Not bad, not unusual either. In fact a colleague of mine openly told this Salman khan on his tv show- dus ka dum. [and I know what miseries his lavish statement landed him..sigh]

Anyways, having talking about the generic idea of “living life queen or king size”, well I wasn’t too surprised to hear most of the responses. But here, let me share my idea of “living life king/ queen size.

- To be able to say “no” to the things that are strict non ethical, wrong and brings mass destruction
- To take the green pledge and say no to plastic or anything that is non bio degradable or environment unfriendly.
- To say no to the system of frauds incl fraud sales, fraud reporting & all its conjoint brothers
- To not build your royalties on grave of someone else’ land of dreams, trust or wings
- To be able to do things for a “cause” and not just for “effect” of when life brings you to “pause”.
- To be able to refuse eating through the hands of mean situations or make compromises that famishes your soul
- To be able to spread understanding and respect for culture by fair means and not illegal enforcement or terrorism or violent showdowns
- To be able to stand against injustice, discrimination and threat its nasty existence with lightening of reform
- To be able to judge a human with his abilities, capabilities & not brands or hypes that tag alones
- To be not a eunuch and clap on self achievement, while sweeping the other’ effort down the drain.
- To be able to give a tight slap to anyone around playing dirty politics in your office or society
- To be able to stand to your rights irrespective of caste, creed, gender or disability
- To be also able to know your soul and give it precedence over brain and self maths
- To be able to fight against all odds & pull along the worst of times with best of spirits
- To be able to fight against ostracism; by being neither the creator nor follower
- To be able to accept your reality and stand forth on your right to live
- To be able to clean your house and still not trash the world outside
- To be capable enough to take care of yourself and others
- To say no to drugs and human trafficking
- To be the change you want to see
And nonetheless, to be able to pen your thought with out worrying too much about approval or disapprovals J


The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. very well written... Amazing blogs... Keep writing... kudos!!!

  2. King/Queen cannot have any self(ish) desires (good or bad), he/she only has a life which is of his/her subjects, for his/her subjects, by his/her subjects.

    King/Queen with self desires (even if good) are nothing but despots (normally a cruel one too). Have you heard of a benevolent despot ?

  3. nice list!!!
    life's all about being able to make choices and if they turn out wrong, then learning 4m them!!!

  4. penning down such thoughts - - good effort yaar.

  5. Anonymous04 March

    Thanks Mayank, Ashwin, CN and Akash. keep writing :-)


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