Baba Black Sheep

February 18, 2009 , 2 Comments

Another “high on hormone” baba has been arrested for allegedly molesting women on pretext of helping them with their conceiving problems.

As I read through this another news on sordid “state of affairs” of miscreant babas and their baba-giris, I could not stop wondering on the “blessed powers” of such babas, who merrily go against the law of nature and help one conceive through their spiritual entities??!??

I mean, with my limited biology knowledge, I could not understand that how come these “babas” and “swamijis”, as a last “resorts”, helps a female to conceive a child? Do they run some kind of spiritual IVF clinics or give special “failure proof” tutorials on “Art of making babies”…ahem!!!

Don’t misunderstand me but from tales of yore, I’ve been hearing that women from queens to commoners knocked swami’ doors for their much awaited heir. And most of them even come back “happily preggers”. But then what happened to those, who babas could not possibly bless with their super powers and have to return empty fetus? I mean, did babas run of their stock of “storks” or the otherwise philanthropic babas got population conscious?

In this particular news incident, the lady who got the poor baba arrested is now 7 months pregnant [What her combined effort with her Mr. couldn’t deliver in 3 years, the testereonic baba delivered in a visit. And you still blaming the poor baba???!!??]

Is this really a fault of a baba or the illiteracy rate or lack of proper practical education to be blamed? What on earth was the woman expecting from the chap? “An increase your fertility bhabhoot” [ash] or a free copy of the famous literature by Mr. Vatsayan. In latter case, she [along with other women of the same beliefs] visited a wrong publication house. And in former scenario, the bhabhoot turned out to be the “narcotic substance” babas are famous for.

Poor baba!!! He either got too tempted to get a disclaimer done or probably ran out of his “regular followers”. Cause if you tell me that an illiterate woman in a sleepy village got her lack of awareness befooled her motherly ambitions, I can still understand. But how come city breeds runs to swami corpus?

This doesn’t just ends here. It also culminates to some introspective exercise that our society at large has to “conceive and deliver”. What are our best diplomatic answers for-

- How many babas do we need to arrest to curb or prevent such tragic and shameful acts of babagiris?
- How many more such physical abuse or rape cases do gullible women have to go through before society works hard to inculcate basic awareness or “sex education” amongst all?
- How many female infanticide do we need to let happen before we strictly instill that women are not just a piece of flesh and this society is secure for them to live and thrive?

Wake up guys!!! The lecture is over…Though am not sure if it just remains at being so. Beware! There are some women in everybody’s home.

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  1. The ills in the society is to be fought silently and surely.

    Talking, writing makes a mockery of such fight.

  2. Anonymous24 February

    It's all about freedom of speech/ expression!!!

    Silent fights make mockery of objectives. Silent revolutions die silent too!!!

    Kudos for putting this piece, Ekta :-)


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