Incredible India: Athihi Devo Bhava

February 25, 2009 1 Comments

By now, most of us must have seen the multiple TV campaigns on reinstating the importance of Indian hospitality and generosity to its tourists.

Well stated messages, efficiently conveyed by various protagonists and even celebrities like Amir Khan, who have come forth to cause other than colas.

It makes an interesting watch though. But the question is whether it would reduce to mere an on air promo or go beyond that? Well, the answer is within us. Do we still believe in virtues like preserving Indian hospitality, its culture, its invaluable monuments and above all human Integrity? And if the answer is yes, then what is that can we do to give the movement a due momentum and add other feather in our “king-sized cap”.

Oh yes, a lot of us do have limited means and powers. But still a lot could be achieved even through that. And how?

Protest we must!!! Yes, the first thing we can do is to come out of our ivory towers, tether out our fear and raise our voice anytime when we see-
- Any tourist being taken for granted by any local misanthropes
- Any Majnu or Ranjha scribbling his name on the historical monuments, train compartments or even trees in the university campus
- Any passers by littering the city roads, parks or street with things that are meant for dust bin
- Heroes treating the common passages, roads, tracks as universal urinals, spittoons and the works

It’s high time, let’s get out of our “this is not meant for us” mentality and strive to make our roads, streets, city and country a better and hygienic place to live.

After all, won’t you love a pleasant ride down in monsoon, clean rivers/lakes, cleaner passages and healthier you?

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  1. Anonymous28 February

    Dont tell me girl, you joined this "cause" as well...Kab tak duniya se ladti rahegi yeh ek akeli jaan :-)


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