Friday, the 13th

February 15, 2009 2 Comments

What would you do on the day which says- its Friday the 13th?

Hmmm how about a quick ride to a remote, rural terrain in the stark dark??!!??

Well that’s how I adventured this day. It was a smooth ride to Basanti highway. Smooth because the rural road was better than a lot of its urban counter-path. The amazing part was that it was unknown, unplanned trip and still not frightening. But the most amazing part was it was just a left turn from the pulsating urban world to rural hinterland.

Basanti Highway is village just in the city. A wetland estate towards the left of “science city. The road further leads to sonpur, connecting other highway –bhojorhat to rajarhat, the upcoming gurgaon-noida esque hub of Kolkata.

It was atleast a 10 km+ ride into the sleepy and almost empty road. My friend wanted to scare me and even checked my pulse before and after the quick ride. We could have ventured further, amy be towards sonpur but there were two things- One, it was getting late and two, my friend thought I might get jittery, which I wasn’t.

Whatever, the place was quite amazing and am still thrilled at the prospect of it. Am sure you too would. If you stay in Kolkata or visiting here sometime, do take a small ride to the wetland highway. And yes, don’t try to buy any property there even though if it’s offered at dirt cheap price. Because it’s illegal to buy a property there or construct, as the land solely is for creating the ecological balance.

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  1. Anonymous16 February

    You and youre adventure streaks!!!


  2. Anonymous18 February

    Hmmm... I have heard that place is quite occupied with better avoid going there after daylight or maybe plan and go with couple more frens....

    But i agree with you...the roads are much better than city counterparts and the greenary around is picturesque.


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