Seeking Smart Suraksha for Seeta, Salma and Susan

November 01, 2013 5 Comments

She is Durga, Kaali, Gayatri and Sharda. Alas, she is worshiped only in mythology but in reality, the country that has many a incarnations of goddesses, doesn't know how to treat it's women so well.

For she is unsafe in her own country, by her own people. Everyday, numerous cases of crime against women is reported and trust me there are million others that occur but still not reported. I am here reflecting few such cases where women were victims or escaped from certain unsafe situations!

Little Sia was a happy go lucky child who would warm up to people easily. He fair skin and blue eyes often enticed onlookers. They often suggested her mother to pursue her for a modelling career who would smilingly ward off the suggestions as she didn't want her daughter to exposed to the darn world outside. Sia's mother would often take her to a nearby park to play with other kids in the evening. The park was full of visitors from nearby houses who would often know each other. Sia, like all child loved to play with her mother's mobile phone. With increasing crime rates in the city, her father thoughtfully bought a small phone for her precious daughter who would often use it make calls to him. Children picks things faster and soon she learnt many applications on her android phone. One day Sia left to play in park with other kids and did not return. Her mother rushed to park and reprimanded her for the delay. The maid was all ruffled and told her that Sia went amiss while she went for a minute for a loo break. She did not find the girl when she returned and been searching furtively since. her mother tried calling her number but her phone rang once and got switched off.
Soon a FIR complain was launched and everybody including their family member, friends and relatives went around city to search for Sia. A week later Sia' half dead body was found lying near the park. Sia was in badly mutilated condition and couldn't be saved. Someone abducted the 8 year old girl and molested her for the week and when the person found that the girl is about to die, he left her off his area to play safe. With Sia's death, her parents lost their everything and remain depressed for their lifetime. Wish Sia had Smart Surksha with her. The child would have alerted her family using on single touch and aborted the tragedy.

Salma was in her late 50's. Both her son worked at Dubai and by Allah's grace they had everything. For some Visa issues, Salma stayed back at her home along with her daughter in law. Her daughter in law was expecting a baby and for her upkeep, Salma hired a trained maid from a local agency. The maid for some reason left the job unwarranted, leaving Salma all on her own to take  care of her ailing daughter in law. Her delivery date was close, so Salma as matter of precaution admitted her to a good hospital in the town and used to do to and fro from hospital and home. One day, Salma left her home with her usual tiffin carriers for the hospital but went untraceable. After 2 hours of her starting from home, when she did not reach hospital, her daughter in law tried calling her. Her phone rang but was never picked. She reported the same to her other relatives and neighbors who reached her house to search. They found Salma lying lifeless in her bed with her phone lying under her still body. The house looked plundered. Apparently, someone break open her house, looted all money and jewelries. When Salma trued to confront him, he must have killed her to abolish the proof and fled, leaving no trace of self. 
Poor Salma became a victim of "crime against senior citizens" and lost her life for some attainable value of money. I Wish Salma had Smart Surksha with her. She would have alerted her nearby relative sand neighbors using on single touch and prevented the tragedy.

Susan was young professional, full of dreams and a rare to go. She was a trainee doctor and started working as apprentice with a reputed hospital. There was no looking back for her. As doctor's schedule are hectic and they are called for emergency any time. Susan was more than willing to fulfill her call of duty and worked overtime, multiple shifts. She was engaged to a handsome man was about to marry soon after completion of her course. There was no stopping for her who helped many other lives live happily and healthily.

One day she doubled her duty as ward nurse and post the completion of it, went to the room which was temporarily made for staff to change from their workwear to casual clothing before leaving home. She was tired and did not realize a ward boy following her. This ward boy had a lecherous tendency when he quietly followed the female staff to changing room and watch them undress secretly. Susan caught him trying to see her while changing and threatened to complain. The ward boy in fit of his mental sickness locked her in that room, tied her hands with heavy chains and raped her for hours. he left her almost dead and moved out. The strain and trauma had an adverse impact on Susan who slipped into Coma and remains in it till date. Her glorious life, career, upcoming marriage everything shattered for no fault of hers.  I Wish Susan had Smart Surksha with her. She would have alerted other staff member who would have rescued her on time. 

All the above cases are true and have happened with real women. The names have been changed to maintain their privacy. however, the content remains real.

It is really sad to hear/ know/let such things happen. While we have limited options to eradicate all of them, indeed a lot of them can averted. We are responsible for our own life at the end of the day. If no one can help us, we need to take our safety in our hands. How? We will learn more below-

What is Smart Suraksha and why should one use it
The Smart Suraksha app is an android based app that enables a women to stay and feel safe, enabling an intact safety quotient. Using this wonderfully designed app, a woman at a press of single button, can send alert message to 5 of her pre-chosen contacts fro her phone book. The most wonderful part is that it not just sends SOS alarm but also using the technology updates your location even if you have switched off the GPS on your phone. To know more you can click here

It is indeed a wonderful application and can come handy at various occasions. I recommend to save this at your mobile home page as a stand alone app so you can easily navigate without drawing the attacker'/offender's undue attention. Safety comes first After all!

I am participating in the Seeking Smart Suraksha contest at in association with Smart Suraksha App.

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. I feel very sad when I read all these posts. They make me weirdly depressed, I wonder what I was writing it yourself...


  2. Very beautifully written...though they may be true, they can be read as womancentric flash fictions....good luck for the contest

  3. It is so depressing when you read these incidents.... and what makes it all the more sad is that there is no relief in sight.. nothing changes in this country.. doesnt matter how many Nirbhayas are born.. it just does not matter.. :|

  4. Anonymous11 November


  5. Sad stories...but you have stated incidents that seem to happen. Well written...all the best for for the contest :)


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