A Platinum Story of- The mermaid who loved a Polar bear

November 07, 2013 16 Comments

"I am writing this contest for Platinum and Indiblogger for Platinum day of Love contest!

I know everybody would be writing their own story or a Friend's. Well I too have a tale to tell, a beautiful one as well! This is a "true story" when I found "my platinum day of love". I have changed the names to make it more interesting and look unique. Yes, it is anecdotal too.

This is a true story of a mermaid who loved a polar bear. let me present this to you in a Broadway style-

Scheeweisschen by Catrin Welz-Stein

It was his usual day and he went down for fishing

Hope I get a good one today, he went on wishing
he dug a hole in the nice and put his paw inside
he waited for the prey, leaving his tenterhooks aside

The ice was hard and frozen in its make
he went to the edge and tried to break

There were ripple in water and he reached to the edge. A golden string of rope was caught in his paw. He was afraid, if that was some black magic and probed further into the water deep. He saw a big tail and got excited thinking he caught a big fish. It was heavy and he pulled it hard. The hole was broken wide and a large fish came out of it. 

Scheeweisschen by Catrin Welz-SteinVoila! that's something, the bear remarked
He looked closer and pulled the fish from hole stark
The golden strings hit his face
he found himself entangled in a silky lace

It's a mermaid, he quipped and went closer to her face and watched in simple, silent astonishment. 

The thing he though a fish was a beautiful mermaid. 
Her face was white as pearl and her lips, red
Her tresses were golden rays of sun
He took a deep breath and said- She is the one!

The one that is most pristine and pretty
I will make her my bride and we shall live ever after, happy.

Suddenly he paused and took a step back. He was worried what if the Mermaid is dead. He went closer and realized her breaths. He tried to wake up her from slumber sow his love's wishful seed. 

What if she wakes and do not like me" he thought.
What if she is already engaged" his inner ego fought
Whatever the case, she is precious to me
thought the cuddly bear with joy and glee

The mermaid soon opened her eyes and thanked the Polar bear to save her. She said she was caste in a spell and was flown by harsh hitting water which took her off the bay and she felt unconscious. 
It's a miracle that I am alive, the mermaid princess said fluttering her eyes
Thank you for saving my life. I will be forever grateful to you till am alive.
I take a bow and now time has come for me to go

Scheeweisschen by Catrin Welz-Stein"Don't leave me" said the love stuck bear
"can you spend some more time here"?
"But I do not belong to this place, it's not my shore
I will stay for few more minutes for you bear that I adore.

The bear's eyes flood with tears when he heard of her depart
"I want to tell you something but dunno how to start"
"what is the matter, dear"? The mermaid asked looking at the polar bear

He expressed his love and told her his wish to marry her and live with her forever. The mermaid first astonished and then taking stock of situation tried to explain the bear how they would be such an odd couple and how their tribes would not respect their union. He forfeited her apprehensions and told her that as long as she is loves him, he is willing to shoulder all responsibility of hers. He said he will win everyone's approval and keep her happy. The Mermaid though acknowledged her love for him, was still quite apprehensive.

"I 'm different and I do not belong here
They will not let us unite. Forget me dear bear".
"well I know what I am talking,
I will win you over everyone, everything"

She let a sigh and give in to his faith. Together they saw moon and sang. They sang songs of love and undying love till the dawn. It's then the bear got up and decided to take it up with his people and clout.

Everybody heard him in great despair and as mermaid feared, expressed their disagreement. they called her alien, they called outcast. They said, she doesn't have legs like us to walk."If she cannot walk, I will swim. But I shall live my life, my dream only with her". The bear replied and stood firm to his words.

The family first admonished him, ignored, refused and then started bargaining. They proposed that the bear ask the mermaid to let go of her tail and they will help develop her a leg with a magic potion sourced from their priests and saints. The mermaid was appalled to hear this but give in to the folks' request only to be able to live with her bear forever. "Whatever it takes, I will do for him". She said and agreed to drink the potion. The bear on other side, decided to do away with his legs and develop tail like mermaid and go off to an island and live with her. Before she is made to do any other sacrifice, I will go and change myself- he thought. 

Strange is the situation, when both the lovers were willing to forgo their self and endure a great pain
All for the sake of love, knowing their life will never again be same.

It was that movement when both realized their intensity of love for each other and sacrificial decision to bring themselves together, they discovered their "Platinum Day of Love".  A platinum day of love is when a couple discovers a real love and it never ends. It mars the realization of true love that is everlasting. 

In this story the bear and the the mermaid found their platinum day of love and accepted each other the way they are. The decided that they won't let others change them for what they are as long as they are being true to everybody. Having discovered this, without further ado, to seal their bond, a little seal came and  slipped a platinum love band to the lovely couple who ensconced in their love and lived together without changing either of them but dwelling in their individual uniqueness and a greater thing called love!

Know why platinum suited them? Cause platinum says it best when words fail. It binds hearts and create magic.
To know more about the magic that platinum creates, visit- http://www.preciousplatinum.in/en/about-platinum/platinum-day-of-love

Platinum day of love is the day when a couple discovers a real love and it never ends. It marks the realization of true love that is everlasting. Such a momentous occasion deserves to be celebrated with an equally precious and metal platinum. Naurally white, platinum never fades or tarnish with time and just like your true love, it stays true.

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. Very interesting tale of tails and legs...and finding true love....All the best for the contest..

    1. Thanks Prasad! I am glad that you got and liked the concept!

  2. nice story, Ekta.. i think its an unique take on the prompt. :)

  3. This is one of its kind! loved the narration. good luck for the contest!

    1. Thanks so much Vaisnavi. I too wanted to write a very unique post on the prompt and am glad that I could do it :)

  4. Yes, true. Love is all about accepting your loved ones as they are instead of trying to change them :) Best of luck for the contest!

    1. Thanks so much Pankati. I appreciate :)

  5. Interesting! All the best :)

  6. Nice! All the best for the contest :)

  7. all the best.. love is what makes up for all the shortcomings..

    1. I agree Raj...People these days confuse shortcomings as de merits in love.

  8. Thanks Aditi..Your post is lovely indeed. This theme had such a nice post rolling one after another. Truly magical!

  9. Thanks so much Vaisnavi. I too wanted to write a very unique post on the prompt and am glad that I could do it :)


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