A Spoonful of Immunity!

November 18, 2013 18 Comments

Dexter and Dee Dee revisits with Dabur India Chawanprash to discuss, learn more and drive awareness about building an #ImmuneIndia

How it started

One day Dexter was working in his laboratory, playing with test tubes and chemicals and making some magical potion. Curious as ever, his elder sister DeeDee steps in and in her famous style asks- "Ooh what’s brewing Dexter"? Before she could reach his table, Dexter sneezed hard and the tube fell down on the floor, spilling all over. Poor Dexter, was almost in tear seeing his concoction i.e. hard-work of hours go wasted.  "This happened third time this day. Damn this sneeze" he grumbled.

"What happened Dexter, you were alright in the morning? Its just 2 weeks back that you had cold and now again?" asked the concerned Dee dee.  She saw Dexter's nose was running and his face pale. She immediately reached for tissue, handed him over and the conversation started.

Dexter told her that he is suffering from continuous sneezing and cold these days. He was unsure as he didn't drink water outside nor did he go out to play with other kids, then why is he falling sick again and again. Hence, he thought he will work with chemicals and develop a concoction that will keep sickness away. But every time he tried and finished, his sneeze spoiled his formula and he is feeling tired now, dull enough to fight with his Dee dee.

A Little Pep Talk on Immunity

Dexter You think drinking "Chemicals" will solve your problems? Dee Dee asked! 

Think again! Dexter. they are chemicals after all. They may sooth you for a moment but not cure your bad health which is less of climate issue but actually caused by your "bad immunity".

Dexter: Immunity? What is Immunity Dee Dee? 

Dee Dee: Immunity is the biological defenses to avoid infection, disease or any other "unwanted" biological   invasion that may harm our body and health. It is actually the capability of body to resist harmful organism enter our body and make it sick. [seeing that Dexter looked puzzled, dee dee further explained] Imagine your body is like roof and external walls of the house that prevents harmful sunlight and strong rain to enter inside the house and damage the things inside.

Now suppose for some reason the wall and roof are not strong then what will happen? Your house will be flooded in rain and everything inside will slowly get damp and spoiled. Same thing happens with your body

and immunity as well. 

Dexter: What causes bad Immunity Dee Dee?

Dee Dee: your immunity has gone weak Dexter not bad. Immunity goes weak due to many reasons like not eating sufficient and right food, not drinking clean water, not following mother's cleanliness regime, unhygienic practices, not exercising regularly, or having too much of artificial, highly processed food like Colas and junk food, prolong sickness including eating lot of medicines, lack of sleep or at times some regular epidemics also weakens our immunity.

Dexter: But I did not go out to play in park Dee Dee or drank water from tap, so how did my immunity got weaky-weak?

Dee Dee: Your immunity gone weaky-weak cause you do not eat proper food that mother gives you. You do not drink milk and make faces while eating green leafy vegetables. Most of the time you are sitting in your stupid laboratory and not doing much physical exercise or play like your class mates and always eats up all those street junk food. Also, your hero acts when mamma ask you to wear sweater or jacket, you do not wear them and tie them around your waist like you are Jr. Shah Rukh Khan. Would your immunity not grow weak?

Dexter made all faces while hearing Dee dee but she did not pay heed and keep telling him his mistakes. realizing them he further asked her-

Dexter: But Dee dee seriously that green leafy vegetable looks like I am a grass eating cow and if street food is so bad why you have it and not fall sick? :P

Dee Dee: I am not saying you should not eat street food at all but am also saying that if you want to grow stronger and more intelligent you must eat right diet, sleep well, have physical exercise and stop testing all those chemicals on your body. Remember how once you did a flop experiment and turned in to a sandwich and I have to save you?

Dexter: Well I need brain power and not immunity? I work in laboratory and do not play football. 

Dee Dee: You are a child Dexter and in your growing years. Whatever you develop/ lose now will stay with you as you grow old. For better mind, a good health is a must. Did you not see how your weak immunity has spoiled your health and your experiments?

Dexter: Ya, you are right. What should I do to make my Immunity strong?

Dee Dee: Hmm now you are talking! To build your immunity you must do following-
  • Have a right and balanced diet of vegetables, green leafy vegetables, cereals, milk, fruits etc
  • Sleep on time
  • Stay clean and hygiene
  • Drink lot of water to flush away body toxin
  • Do lot of exercise

Dexter: My God! That is to much to eat. How about if I make a serum of all good food that you mentioned and sip two spoon everyday? Yes, I will do that. Thank you Dee Dee, now let me work. Tata

Dee Dee: Before I go Dex, lemme show you my new Robot Dance [Dee dee does that often to irritate dexter]

Dexter: NOOOOooo I hate it DD. Dee Dee as usual didn't listened to him and started dancing. She uncovered an unfamiliar looking bottle in her hand and pierce a spoon inside, scooped some dark color s and forced that in his mouth. Little Dexter first hesitated, made face as if Dee Dee slapped him. He suddenly looked happy with the taste and asked her what is that and asked another spoon. "Ooh whats that Dee Dee"? She smiled and told- "Chawanprash". "Eeks but it must be full of chemicals,synthetic substance and over processed"? Dee dee said "No, it is natural and has the trust of Dabur with it". Dexter smiled and said told Dee Dee that he may get bored soon. Dee Dee winked and took two another bottle. She said- "how? I also have flavors of Mango and Mixed fruit Dexter".

Dee-Dee: <laughed hysterically>: There is nothing called "more-er" intelligent you dumbo! If only you ate right food, your brain would become strong and remember all the lesson your English teacher taught you even 2 weeks back. Dee dee chided sweetly showing him tongue and handed him the bottles and went away dancing with her friends from his laboratory.

That is how Dee Dee educated her little brother Dexter about Immunity, its importance and development. You too can take the plunge and spread the awareness. Take lead, Join hands and educate the child/ children in your vicinity and help in to build a strong and #ImmuneIndia.

“Our Children’s health and well-being are dependent on our commitment to promoting food access and good eating habits at home, at school and in the community.” – Rod Blagojevich

The Bigger Picture

Children form our world. They are our present and our future. the entire nation and it's development and health depends on our children. They are the rising stars of today and shining stars of tomorrow. It is imperative for us to educate and safeguard them  by developing a strong foundation and body with strong Immunity. To build a stronger, better and highly immune India, we must catch them young and educate our kids on importance of immunity and growth. The best way to educate them is using the mediums that is-

  • Schools, playgrounds etc where they visit regularly and can draw comparison with their peers.
  • Using medium of their favorite cartoons like I used "Dexter and Dee dee" here
  • Extending awareness through Television, storybooks etc
  • Making them adopt healthy habits early in their life
This is written for #ImmuneIndia Contest by Indiblogger and Dabur Chyawanprash. To know more visit their websitewww.daburchyawanprash.com

Dabur Chyawanprash

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  1. The importance of immunity is nicely told in the form of popular cartoon, Dexter's Laboratory :D

    1. Thanks so much Akash. We need to teach children their own way for better understanding and adoption :)

  2. Hey, Dexter and Dee on the loose. Nice concept. All the best for the contest.

    My entry for the contest is at http://www.indiblogger.in/indipost.php?post=299732. Hope you like it.

    1. Thanks Dr. Lawrence. Will read ur post too. Thanks!

  3. Ekta, how many immunity posts did you write?? And each one equally unique and so good :)

    1. Thanks so much Seeta.. I guess for this contest I wrote 2 of them and that too in jiffy :)

  4. Who better than a sister to convince a stubborn kid and teach him what is good for him. Good luck for the contest.

  5. Yet again !! Simply the Best !.. If Blogging is a religion, Ekta is goddess .. keep it up.

    1. That is such an encouraging and flattering comment Raj! Thank you soo much! God bless! :)

  6. my favourite cartoon characters depicting the concept of immunity! well conceptualized Ekta. :)
    I have nominated you for Liebster Award. check: http://aayesha1611.blogspot.in/2013/11/yippie-its-another-liebster-award-time.html

    1. Oh That's Lovely Aayesha! I am glad that you liked it :)

  7. Amazing post here, Ekta ma'am! A very well deserved post :)
    Congratulations for the win :) :)

    1. Thanks soo much Bhavya :) I am glad that the judges liked my efforts.. I have spent hours to design and e-design the same :)

  8. congrats on your winning.. Ekta.. :)
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