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November 06, 2013 7 Comments

“Once through this ruined city did I pass

I espied a lonely bird on a bough and asked
‘What knowest thou of this wilderness?’
It replied: 'I can sum it up in two words:
‘Alas, Alas!” 

― Khushwant SinghDelhi

Well that sums the state this political state, the capital of nation is in today. I am afraid that this true, so much true.

From the catastrophe of partition, crime rates, corruptions, ruins of a great history, bloodshed, Gory, infiltration and plunder, the city has seen all. The city is crying. The city looks like old woman with wrinkled face, defeated body and dying spirit. "I am your mother" she says and pleads her own children to not ruin her, if not glory, not bring shame to her. Shame that she can neither live with, shame that doesn't let her die. And she cries- Dying is not solution and I want to live with you.

Delhi is throbbing, pulsating with million people on it's soil. She rewards everyone, she nurtures all. Delhi do not discriminate yet is slowly getting eliminated from it's own motley. May I ask why? Why a million of people- rich, powerful, influential cannot save the nation's heartland from being a national shame from a national fame? What stops us and why? Have  we not heard about the story of what happened to that man who was trying to axe the same branch he was sitting on or the farmer who killed the hen who laid a golden egg everyday?

"This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with"

History repeats itself and Delhi's history is no less laden with treason, pilferage and obvious misconduct. The fear has always astounded my mind and I often worried if this is what we are creating for generations present and ahead, than this is not right. So when Team Blogadda asked me to write on my "Delhi Manifesto", here's what I come up with, in two broad headings-

Oh man spare that!

  1. Alarming Crime Rates: The first thing you ask the global crowd that comes to their mind, I bet is- Crime rates in Delhi. The national capital is not safe for it's women, children and elderly. Every second day you hear about a horrendous crime reported in the city of no less than 10 mn population. Some say it looks big cause the geography is large. I say- bull shit!
  2. Blaming Victims for Crime- Pl do not do this. For stats say that out of 80% genuine victims, 79.9% were innocent.
  3. You wore a mini, now get raped- I do not think that all rape victims wore mini to entice those son of bitch. The fact is often the most well clad woman is more prone for such crimes. By the way, which human conscience teaches you to molest little girls? They too wore bikni?
  4. Vasudhaive dustbin: An abbreviation of "Vasudhev Kutumbam" which means- the entire world is my community. The new mantra is the entire world is your dustbin/toilet where you will openly excrete, spit and throw garbage in.  
  5. Yamuna River: The holy river, unfortunately is reduced to a backside garbage gutter of the city residents, local industrialist and CFC champions. Excuse me, did you bring the river along with your birth? Who gave you right to dump all that you can find here?
  6. Political Brouhaha: So few women, girls who were appalled with crime that happened to their fellow women decided to do a candle march or a silent protest to bring the heinous crime that was committed in the city wherein the leader of the state failed to take even a reactive stand. And you, the brave son of soil went ahead and victimized those women? You threw cold water on them, four of you caught them by their hands n legs and beaten them? Instead of sympathizing with them, you call them dented and painted? And you are son of the president of that country? Stop Politicizing students for your won merits.
  7. Anna Hazare is a movement and not your moment of get famous or get entertained: Join him if you really feel towards the cause. PL do not go and dilute his precious contribution as making his struggle fort as your entertainment grounds! Respect people like him and Kejriwal who lead a life of ideal and trying to work towards a better future. We understand you cannot start that movement by yourself but when someone is taking the pain, support and appreciate, rather than make fun of it for your own selfish motives.
  8. Terrorism: Need I say more? They have attacked your pilgrimages, your highest courts, your parliament. your market and what not and still you unable to cease it? Learn from US of A, how and why they didn't have WTC 2. Learn before you open that big political mouth of yours. If your national capital is not safe, what else is safe?
  9. Corruption- From babu to chaprasi to highest official dance on sound of silver/golden coins. Coalgate, CWG and what not? Why? 5th pay commission was brought for what? If you are in a crucial role and not getting paid for it sufficiently, why are you whoring it out? Do something else that may help your earn well and respectfully. The city flourishes all who want to live a dream.

Oh man spread that!

There are certain elements that are still admirable in the city like the beautiful landscape, tourist places, markets and off course metro rail. I would like to highlight them plus add few of my simple, humble request to save the grace of the city. If not to help others, but to help yourself. Here's my list, my manifesto-

  • Control and curb crime rates in the city. It is not easier said than done but somewhere one has to take a step. Crime is on rise cause people know that they can play with justice and get away with it. Few harsh and fast punishment and see the drastic change it brings in the crime rates. The man who raped a minor, if was immediately taken to harsh punishment would have made 10 such crimes cease. One girl who was raped, if got due justice in time, would have perpetrated 20 other men to not victimize another innocent girl.
  • CCTV at all high crime incident reporting place to be placed and must be in working condition. Remeber your behavior when someone tells you- yu are being watched? Yes, I am talking about "prevention better than cure".
  • Allow pepper spray even in metro train- It is strange that you are not allowed to carry pepper spray in metro. I understand the train being more safe but what happened when you are outside metro stations which often are empty and not as much crowded?
  • Clean Yamuna Drive- Rivers are worshipped as Goddesses in our country, so why not treat them like one?
  • Better medical facility and education/awareness for poor living near infested area of Yamuna esp to combat fatal disease like Dengue etc.
  • Safety for citizens- Installation of proper vigilance, system and processes to maintain security at public places.
  • Special Women only buses with female drivers and conductors.
  • Two additional bogies in metro/ trains for just women travelers. Trains to be under vigilance of armed guards 24*7
  • Faster actions, for justice delayed is justice denied. 
  • Clean Delhi Drive- creating more "rent and use public toilets" at places and enforce a system to penalize litterbugs varying on size of litters offended to heartland of country.
  • Toll free nos to report crime
  • Street lights, every where and in functional form.
  • Strict enforcement and penalty for law breakers and that include- traffic disobedience, drink and drive pests, use of black mirror, black marketers, hoarders, cartels promoting fake price rise in market.
It's your city Dude and you owe it to make it safe and secure and part of free India. Let this city not become like that ghostly train which people scare to board. Before "Delhi Drain" hits us hard, lets resurrect, restore the lost glory. Before I sign off, I want to remind and leave you with one thought-

"A small step of a man was a giant leap for mankind"
-Neil Armstrong


I have deliberately not added pictures, Videos etc in this write up. I want you to feel through the words without creating bias for your comprehension. If as a blogger I cannot do that, that's my personal failure.

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. Lovely post Ekta! I hope someone really pays heed to the manifesto and does something to improve the state of affairs...

  2. ..powerful post Ekta!!!...

  3. It is so sad about the condition in Delhi. Your writing is very powerful. No leader or no party can change these conditions. It is people have to change themselves.

    1. Thanks SG... your comment esp on my writing really means a lot. I hope my writing becomes powerful and help to the cause.

  4. Your passion did come through in your writing.
    On Delhi, I must say, after having seen so many other Indian cities, we Delhiites have been served the best services and infrastructure in the country. The problem, of course, is us ourselves. We behave like uneducated louts and wild junglee humans with no civic sense or moral core.
    That is such a pity.
    As they say, people get the government they deserve.


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