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November 15, 2013 11 Comments

"Amla, Kesar, Satavari, Ashwagandha, Peepali, Guduchi, Kar kat...karkat......"

"Karkatsringi" I said while wondering what my little nephew Pihu [from Boeing Boeing] is trying to do. The inquisitive chap who loved cheese sandwiches, apple juices.

I turned back to find Pihu sitting on the dining table, holding a bottle in hand and reading out the contents from the label. I smiled and asked him on if he knows what is he holding. He smiled and said "Chyawanprash" in his broken language.

I smiled and about to turn back to reading my book, he called me and asked- "Do you know what is this and why we eat this"?

I smiled, closed my book and returned back to dining table to help Pihu with his curiosity as always. I told him that it is a "Chyawanprash"- a herbal concoction and we eat it for building and strengthening our Immunity. "Immunity? what is Immunity maasi [aunt]"? He asked innocently.

"Immunity I said- means the body's resistance and power to fight viruses and bacteria". "Viruses? Which viruses maasi? Like the one in dad's computer? And is bacteria not good for body? You said bacteria makes my sweet curd and the butter milk".

"No Pihu, not that. Let me explain you". I took a piece of paper and draw the map of India there and explained. "Look this our country and these are neighboring countries that are all around our country's geographical border and here's the sea. Now some countries attack on India and some do not. Sometime the high tide in seas causes disasters like Tsunami and all. That is why as a country, we have military forces that guards us from such calamity and attacks. Water is good for us but too much of water or dirty water can spoil our health and we must look for their hygiene and contamination". Little Pihu looked little more confused and so I told him the fundamentals of brushing one's teeth. I said" The food that we eat is good for our body. However, whenever we eat something, the remaining particles of our food is left on our mouth and teeth causing germs and bad odors. Hence we brush to keep our mouth clean. Same with viruses and bacteria. Some of them are good for us but some of them may harm us. Gotcha"?

So he understood and said. I gotcha, it is like this...I have a piggy bank account which is full of money. I take some coins everyday out of it and I need to fill it back with coins so that there is balance. Right maasi"? Right I told him.

His next question was- "What can I do be more Immunity maasi"? I was about to tell him that its is not Immunity but immune. Suddenly a lot of his friends came in to play with Pihu. Pihu was so engrossed in learning that they too wanted to know more. I started again and using the map I explained them the story.

"Tell me more no maasi, So my body is soo small if two three virus and bacteria will attack or say if all countries attack me on border, would I be defeated"? I admired is question and told him no. I told him if you show true spirit, dedication and perseverance than no one can defeat you. A country forms alliances with friendly country who helps them to win the war, Similarly body has many such cells etc that help body fight bad bacteria and virus. So when India joins hands with it's military forces, friendly countries, India will be strong. To remain strong India need to have more friends than enemies and good military forces.

But maasi I saw in news they said- India will become stronger if we fight and stop things like corruption, violence, bad practices etc. no? I reveled at his understanding and admired his grasping power even at this age. To further add to his knowledge, I told him about the basics of building immunity.

The 5 "ION" of Building #ImmuneIndia
I told it is the matter of five main "ion". "What ion maasi"? Pat came his next question. I took another paper, drew and explained to him and his friends.
  1. Vaccination
  2. Nutrition
  3. Sanitation
  4. Prevention
  5. Education

The kids were very happy. The fact that they attached immunity with one of their games on computer and that helped them understand the concept more freely. That evening for the first time all the kids happily ate the Spinach soup that I gave them.

Here's a time for some statistics: In India every hour, every day numerous children die due to malnutrition or disease borne by air, water and food. Lack of proper nutrition hurts their body and mars their growth. daily we hear news on the malnutrition and the deficiency in children.

I remember last time when little nephew Pihu got sick. We spent sleepless night in cold breezy weather of Jammu to nurse him up.

On Mid day meal
India is still solving the mysery of poisoned lunches that killed many student ...was it tragic or sinister? A lot of people rued that wishing they have not sent their children to school and so they would be alive. It's a shame to nation, a nation that has agriculture as it's prime occupation.

I was immersed in my thoughts when little Pihu came and gave me a nudge- "So maasi if we all build a strong immune system, can we fight all the harmful virus like cholera, common cold, dengue, bird flu etc"?

"Yes why not". I told him.

"So now we had our spinach soup, can we go and play out in rain"? I laughed at their innocence and smartness. Nature has so many boons for humans to cherish. rainfalls are one. We cannot stop our children from going out and exploring the world, we cannot stop them from living. We can definitely protect them against virus attacks and how? I replied that when I told Pihu- Why not but before that you need to build a good immune system. Here's two spoon of immunity for all of you!

If two billion people of India join hands and drive the immunity brigade, we would definitely be successful.

For all mother, the child is either nanhi pari or chanda and sun...

A healthy child once again is a future of nation. Well development leads to well developed life. Proper nourishment will help te child grow and grow strong and one day, a girl too will sing a song to mother like this.

Relax for nothing else but to bring romance, joy and festivity along. Lets strive to build healthy India and Strong India

The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write


  1. I liked the five "ion" bit. Really interesting. All the best for the contest.

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  2. Good one! All the best :)

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    An Active India... A Stronger India

    1. Thanks Seeta :) Read your post too, it was really cool :)

  3. Great Write-Up!

    All the best for the contest!

  4. Very creative post particularly the "IONs" which are the pillars of immunity. Best of luck.

  5. Very Thoughtful and Nice Presented Post..
    Good Luck for the Contest.. :D

  6. Clever maasi, loved the concept of 5 IONS Ekta :) Best of luck for the contest!!

  7. Awesome !! All the best ..


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