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November 01, 2013 5 Comments

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This is that time of year when there is so much of joy, festivity, sweetness and lights are in the air. Truly India is known for it's colorful traditions, cultural fest and festivals.

One such bright and vibrant festival is Deepawali Aka Diwali! When friends and family gather together They celebrate the festival together by lighting up house, eating sweets, spreading joys, bursting crackers and doing Lakshmi Pooja.

There are people like me who often are not that opportune to be with their family and be at their parental house during Diwali and we always make do with Pooja and festivity. I often go to my friend's and relative's place for the pooja and often wonder at the lavish preparation they do for Pooja. Even at home, it is impossible to match mom's rituals and we often end up doing small time pooja at our respective houses. But not any more cause Cycle Agarbatti has now come up with an exclusive, first of it's kind Pooja Pack in Market- Lakshmi Pooja Pack!

This Diwali is indeed special with Sampoorna Lakshmi Pooja Pack. The pack is an easy to use Pooja pack specially deisgned for performing Lakshmi Pooja.  The pack contains around 30 pooja elements in the box that are specially designed for Lakshmi Pooja. It also has an audio CD that guide you how to perform your pooja. There are some beautiful Sanskrit Shlokas in it as well that will set the perfect environment of Pooja. 
The pack comes with instructional booklet which has instructions in various languages. 

Some of the key ingredients apart from the statues of Lakshmi and Ganesha are-
1) Two cute wooden stools for the idols
2) A pack of 12 wax ladden Diyas [ I am not OK burning wax for environmental issues though]
3) Rangoli with Plastic design Tray [Its is awesome]
4) Ganga Jal
5) Incense and other ingredients like- Sambhrani, Gandha Tablet, Camphor, Pungi Phala [Supari], Saubhagya Alankara etc
6)  Toran, Aarti Holder and a beautiful lotus shaped floating candle.

What not to expect: The pack does not come with flowers/ sweets for obvious reasons and one has to procure for themselves. In case, if you are the one who uses a red color fabric as asana for the idol's then you have to buy separately. The idols make could be improved and full fledged shaped idols [even smaller size] could be given to make it look even more enticing. If you already have idols of your own, then it is ok. However, the color may vary for some products like candles etc.

What could be made better to improve the product
  • Written instructions manuals- Having the prayers and instructions in CD limits it people with CD player facility only. Besides, some people may not be able to make pace with CD instructions/ accessibility at Pooja place. Having a written manual indeed helps
  • Inclusion of "Lakshmi ji ki Aarti"- it is quintessential ritual during the Pooja and its conspicuous by absence in both CD and booklet.
  • "Pooja Kalash" is another vital element of Lakshmi Pooja which was no where in the box and can be included.
  • The pack comes with metal Aarti holder but doesn't have cotton bulb to ignite and do Aarti with. Yes, they have Karpur, so you can not actually complain much. [Be careful while handling it as the holder tends to become very hot while doing Aarti]
  • There was no Pooja Bell in the pack. It could be included to bring more ethnic value.
The pack aims at supporting a simple, easy to do pooja at home, anywhere, with anybody. The casket embodies a representation of the age old traditions and treasures cove of religions in an all inclusive Pooja box. 

The product is an offering from the know brand of Cycle Agarbatti and is available at Rs 700/- [MRP] and can also be availed with 10% discount.

You can buy this from their website- [free shipping] and COD available.And if you are in Mysore, you can buy the same from their newly opened store "Rangsugandha" on Vanvilasa Road, Agrahara Circle.

Numerounity Verdicts: The product concept is good but not so novel in India. Esp if you go towards Kolkata side, you may find many such bundled pack at good/cheaper price. Some variants are available online but am not sure as how they may look or come across. I was super happy to open my box and the entire concept made me feel special. If you want to save your self from runaround collecting ingredients for Pooja or away from family or based out of India or curious to do Pooja but away from home and can spend Rs 700/- do go ahead for it. I kind of liked it and rest experience I can tell post using it on Diwali- 3rd Nov.

Do I recommend? Yes Indeed!

So what are you waiting? Go ahead and get your pack today. 

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  1. I missed this one, I am no good with pujas, anyway better late than never will surely try this one.

  2. Will check this out at the Indian stores here.

  3. Great Post! I have used this pack and it was a great experience. and FYI, there is an instructions manual and it's in diff languages...was it not there in your pack?

  4. This blog contains all spiritual products.
    Your blog is very good,there are many other products like gemstones,rudraksha,yantra etc.
    nice one....


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