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March 05, 2015 2 Comments

Optimism is a lovely word, it is a lovely feeling that has power to fill your world with great hope and happiness. Optimism is my side of glass and I always see it full with contents. What is missing is acknowledged and worked towards attainment and that's it. What is there is celebrated, cherished and valued.

I would take up a moment of your time and tell you about this lovely girl Gitika. Gitika was a girl whom I met in train during one of my journeys. When I first saw Gitika, I saw a bright, a bubbly face that was full of happiness, cheer and positivity. Gitika was a bundle of energy. The way she moved around, helping her family and others was commendable. I said commendable cause I Found Gitika with some walking difficulties and learnt that a deformity at her childhood required her to use some plates in her bones, hence causing a walking deformity. I could not stop admiring her energy, her goodness and her keen interest on studying advertising. 

I was an advertising aficionado and had my bits about the industry including the courses, qualification, good agencies in reckoning and some contacts. Gitika's mom was very keen that I help her with whatever guidance I can as they were from the small town where Internet was still a challenge and a career in advertising was seen as a Taboo for women. We exchanged our contact details and I promised Gitika to come back with good data on the institutions along with application form.

A couple of weeks later when I, after having sufficient materials and info, tried reaching Gitika on her landline asking for her postal address, I was shocked by a rude reply in a harsh baritone from other side. It was Gitika's father who was against her idea of pursuing a career in advertising. He told that they are poor people and advertising is a career for riches or girls who have highly outgoing personality. While this career was not right for Gitika who was partially handicap and walked with the help of crutch. 

But then, Gitika was highly creative and had a things for advertising. Given an opportunity and right qualification, she can make her own place under the sun, Handicape or no handicap, I debated with her father. The man was adamant, and along with help of my uncle I have to visit them. I handled the papers to Gitika's father and told him that deformities do not decide our personalities and capabilities. If Gitika has will, she can succeed. rest is her choice and should remain her choice. I said and left.

Years later I was watching this advertising award and was surprised to see this face receiving the best "copy writing award for the year". It was Gitika, who paved her way to the stage with limp in her heart but great confidence in her eyes. Unlike others, she could not run to her coveted trophy but she walked and attained it right under the nose of all physically fit stalwarts.. And that made all the difference to me. 

Gitika not only had optimism to see optimistic dreams but had enough courage and optimisms to pursue and achieve them. If you could have seen that smile on her face, that day, you would know what I am talking about. She is a #LookUp icon for all of us who often let go of our dreams thinking about negativity around. Gitika was optimist. Her optimism about life, about world and her dreams, yielded her rewards. She is truly a #LookUp Story for me and many such people, who makes this world, a beautiful place to live in.

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  1. The girl Gitika reminds me of someone very close to me. Loved it :)


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