In Pursuit of a Child's Happiness

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If you follow my other blog- Haute Kutir, I have written about Baby Bed Time Rituals with Pampers and things that makes bed time, a fun time for baby. Continuing the series, Pampers and Baby, lets discuss few things that makes a baby happy and comfortable. Or the things that you can do to make a baby happy.

Before we talk about different sweet, silly and fun things that makes babies happy, let us not forget the importance of using a right pant that keeps baby happy.

Babies are bundle of innocence and love all tender love and care that you bestow on them. You need not do big things to make baby loved but even simple things can make a baby giggle with joy.

1) Tickle-wickle woo- I use a mild tickle at baby's tummy or chin as an age old tool that always helps in ringing that happiness bell in a baby. A little nudge on chin, the baby smiles at you.

2) Little song and dance routine- Believe it or not, babies these days have become very smart. Nursery rhymes and lullaby is fine but plug in a filmi song and you will find babies gyrating those little moves. Last when I visited a friend, I was surprised to know that his 1 year old responds magically to this song- Baby Doll mein sone di. So when I played this song for the child, he smiled and giggled in joy.

3) Tender love and Care- Babies have this magical ability to acknowledge love. You take the baby in your arms and cradle him a bit or take those little feet in your hands and caress or just plant a kiss on the forehead. It will sure make the baby happy

4) Tummy Full of Happiness- No I am not talking about feeding a child. Off course every mother takes a good care of the baby's appetite. However, it has found that a lot of time babies find it difficult to digest their food, which leads to little gas in their tummy and makes them cry. Giving a baby a prescribed spoon of gripe water not just keep their tummy pain free but smile in tact also

5) Dry Pants- One of the major reason for child's agony is wet diapers. Babies have this tendency to pee often and the normal cotton diapers, are though comfortable to wear, still could not absorb wetness and cause redness and allergy to baby. Keeping them clean, well powdered and dry is important and that's where a good diaper comes handy. If you are taking your baby out for any function or travel, do ensure that you use a good diaper that not just help keeping baby dry but also comfortable. Pampers is a highly trusted brand by many mothers worldwide, who use it for keeping that lovely' toddler's helpless smile going.

6) Bathing Bubbles- My Nephew loved his bubble bath as toddler when I would add bath toys in his tub. He would play with the toys and the water. Soon after the bath, he will sleep and wake up happy.

To keep a baby happy is not a simple task but is not that tough too provided you understand the baby and use right techniques. There is nothing like true love. Show your love to baby and baby will happily reciprocate.

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