Let's walk down the beautiful memory lane

March 30, 2015 4 Comments

Old Bank Street, Manchester, UK by R.A.D. Stainforth 
Let's walk those lanes again
where the seeds of our friendship were sown
Let's visit that era bank
street where we meet before

The streets soaked in rain
The streets kissed with glory in vain
Let's trot those quiet streets again
towards the toll booth pane

A lot of water passed through bridge
differences developed and drifts came within
Let us not re open the scar
Let us neither take the grief any far

Time to open up and absorb
let go of past be-wilderness and recall
the lovely times that we had together
the moments that we spent with each other

Let's take a stroll towards all happiness
lets come forth and clean our mess
Life is all about walking alone
Nothing makes is better, like a friend who comes along

Let's take a walk and rebuild
let go of your umbrella
and that protective shield
for you fear no harm
I will come with you
with open hands
and open arms

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