Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao

March 01, 2015 1 Comments

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Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao

Chalo Aansoo poch do, ab muskarao

muskurao ki vajah na mile

na mile to doond lo

Unglio ko chod ke, ab

apne kadmo pe chalna seekh lo

Dard hi dard palta hai gulsita mei

Jaha kaate bhare hai, waha kuch phool bhi ugao

Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhao.

Koi kisi ka nahi hota iss jahan mei

Apno ko kiske bharose chodd ke jaoge

Behter yahi hoga, agar 

Apno Ko Apne Dum Pe Jeena Sikhaoge

In our lives, we all crave for that one person who understands us and yet do not judge us but help us to become the better person that we are. No matter how independent we can become, still in deep of our hearts, we look for a person [s] who not just support us but guide us and encourage us to grow, nurture and become more self reliant, positively. Hence that may be the reason why we look for so many solaces at different levels in our family, friends and some times, colleagues at work place. 
Needless to say, even the brightest of bright diamond needs a "Johari" or a jeweler to bring out it magnificence. 

Recently when Indiblogger, in association with HDFC Life, asked us to talk about a family member who helped us grow, encouraged and made us a self reliant person, I couldn't help but think about few people including my parents, my mama [maternal uncle] first, in particularly, my father.

This not hidden fact that I love my father very dearly. Since a tender age of 2.5years, I have been living with my maternal grandparents and family. My interactions with dad was highly limited. For me, papa was always a more likely to be inaccessible as unlike my mom, he could rarely come to meet me at my maternal grandparents family during summer holidays. Yes he was a government employed person and that explains the less no of holidays he used to have. I had a brief interaction with him when I joined my family during our South India Trip.

Unfortunately, it was my accident that brought me closer to my papa. I saw how my dad for me, has taken long leave from his office esp when he was at peak of his career, so he could be with me when I was hospitalized for good ten months.

My post accident recovery was a very painful process but my father insisted that I should not give up on self and continue to strive to reclaim my original life with little help from others. I remember how even on bad weather day or not so physically fit days, how my dad used to encourage me to pursue my school, attend my classes and so more. For him absenteeism was mere an excuse of not taking enough ownership, indiscipline was not a noble option and sincerity was the biggest virtue.

how papa helped me grow
He always encouraged me to take part in extra curricular activities along with studies. However, when it came to studies and good grades, he never had burdened me with pressure being top in the class [May be he realized that I am not that brilliant of a student esp when grades are highly dependent on how do we score on that scary subject- math]. He rather emphasized that I be regular to school, should not take free hands read any personal favors that my teacher may offer to me given my physical limitation and not merit.

He encouraged me to earn everything on merit and not just that, he also emphasized the importance of sincerity and "not giving up" in life. He continues to tell me- Give a try and do whatever best you can do, It is ok to fail rather than not trying at all".

He told me that stable is not equal to stagnant and if I get stagnant, my life might get stagnant and it is stagnant water that is dirty and oozes bad odor. He teaches me the virtue of "moving on" with our sincerity.

He never let me compromise on my education. I wanted to be self reliant, and he pushed me for that. I would often complain of leg pain while walking, and he would then encourage me to walk an additional mile. I saw my father barely ever taking anyone's help but rather he had been helping a lot of big people to the big positions they scored. Papa is a self made man and that motivated me to be self reliant without depending on any sugar daddies or god father. Talking about Sugar, well papa was barely ever relenting, he was always strict until recently when he has let go of his stricter side and exudes encouragement towards more softer and emotional side.

This is kind of story of life [Straight from my heart]
As part of this write-up, Indiblogger wanted us to embed this video. [below] I did not see this HDFC Life video earlier but just wrote what I felt like. Suddenly something transpired me to watch it, and I did. The girl in this video is a child amputee, ah just like me who came with even bigger baggage of bruises and amputations [not to make you sob but to tell you, if at all I can help inspire any of you]. 

Life is not black and white. Even today i struggle with my disability. However, the motivations and encouragement that my parents have sowed me, helps me continue. Hence I tell you, go ahead and inspire a life. Be the support. Use positivity and make people live on their own. In the meantime, be with them. No matter the cheer someone exude, the heart still longs for encouragement and empathy. Like this little girl, in the video.


The autor is half Human, half machine. Go Figure or just revel in what I write

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  1. Anonymous02 March

    Kudos to you! This post talks so much about you and how you have overcome hardships in life to be a better person each day! Keep it going girl!


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