The Great Indian Dilemma

March 02, 2015 , 12 Comments

Lee Miller in Adolf Hitler's bathtub, Munich 1945, by David E. Scherman
She soaked herself in bath tub
her eyes wide open
blank and staring to the wall

As she stepped in shower
sans bath cap
sans foam,
her mind continued to roam

Her thought fixated to door
she has a lovely figure
'that you may adore

she turned no knob
plugged no Jacuzzi stopper
nor let any faucet pour

the Venus on her table
and the men in frame
pondered over her pondering tame

She shift no gaze
They got more amaze
may be just wall to ceiling
and what really is she thinking
rather than her
Spa and beauty indulgence.

The suspense unfolds ahead
read again whatever you thus read
cause Spoiler alert caution
Here's what that we got for nation

Not men, nor jewelry
her thoughts dwell greater
She was wondering
whats Tastes better?
Round Rotis or
Non Round Rotis

[Roti= Indian puffy wheat bread, tawa baked over flame and served during the main meal]
Linked to
Magpie Tale
Indi Spire

In India, a woman' culinary expertise is quite measured by the way she makes the "Rotis". A round rotis is considered to be aesthetically and technically better than the the less rounded ones. Taste wise, the difference may not be greatly germ from the shape but the quality of kneading, rolling and baking.

Often, mothers in India would be found lecturing their "marriageable aged" daughters on the importance of making perfect round chapati, linking it to the "sanskaar" [culture] given by parents to their daughters as acknowledged at her in-laws house. It may sound funny but making rotis ic not rocket science and could be easily perfected with little bit of practice, some sincerity and logic.

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  1. hahaha.. nice take on this topic. How you thought about it. Round vs. not so round chapatis...I enjoyed reading this post. :))

  2. i was like a broad smile by the end! I read many a posts on this prompt and this one is one of my favs.

  3. Anonymous03 March

    very interesting ...!!

  4. I am not that much familiar with the subject. I take it that this is only for home made rotis. In restaurants, clay oven tandoori rotis are more tastier (me think). They are not round.

  5. Anonymous03 March

    Super cool!!! Loved it...

  6. Grand creativity to link Magpie picture prompt to IndiSpire theme and ending it with a comic note.

  7. Sensuality mixed with humor.. What a tangy combinations.. loved it :)

  8. At the last moment , the director called " cut !"

  9. Wow! unique imagination with nice sense of humor...

    Attae ki loi banayo,
    thoda sa sukha atta lagao,
    Usko chakle par rakho,
    phir belan se dabayo aur aage pheeche ghumayo,
    Par dhyaan rahe,
    left hand se jor thoda zyaada, right se thoda kam,
    phir right se thoda zyaada aur left se thoda kam,
    iss process ko dohrate jayo,
    aur sunder gol roti payo,

  10. I liked the pathos mingled in with these poems.....very enjoyable!

  11. was really enjoyable Ekta.... :-) I especially liked the poem...

  12. I appreciate very much seeing a different perspective. Your take on this is very much welcomed.


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